Why do javelin throwers deliberately foul?

Over the years, javelin throwing has been considered an amazing and exciting game however, strenuous and challenging on the part of the athletes.

The javelin throwing sport has been part of the decathlon since the decathlon was introduced in America in the 1910s. Many individuals have successfully started and completed their careers in javelin throwing with series of experiences.

This article features an extensive research result as questions to answers on javelin throwing.Why do javelin throwers deliberately foul


Why do javelin throwers deliberately foul?

Why do javelin throwers foul on purpose?

Fouls in games are never tolerated especially in games such as javelin throwing which requires 100% accuracy and carefulness for an accurate result.

Many reports have confirmed the fact that some javelin throwers engage in fouls intentionally stating the reason behind the act is to automatically make the throw an invalid one while the athlete is granted another opportunity to retry.

However, most reports claim that such acts are intentional. . In as much as it attracts a penalty if a foul is committed, some javelin throwers deliberately commit fouls.

Why do javelin throwers walk over the line?

In javelin throwing, walking over the line is considered a foul which occurs at least, in every game with an athlete crossing the line. Most athletes are said to have walk over the line in order to perform better than their previous throw as crossing the line in javelin throwing automatically makes the throw invalid.

It is rumored that some athletes intentionally walk over the line to be disqualified totally or given another chance, however, the aim of walking over the line is to signify and point out that their throw are poor and should be considered invalid. Researches proves that most athletes consider it as a form of saving time and getting a second chance during the game.

How far can a javelin be thrown?

Javelins aren’t easy to wield and aim forward to a desired distance as most sport lovers believe. It requires physical ability and experience to throw a javelin.

Estimated results proves that the maximum record is about 100 meters for men and under 80 meters for women. Neeraly Chopra a reputable javelin thrower is said to have surpassed over 87.58 meters which gave him victory in the Tokyo challenge.

Furthermore, Uwe Hohn of eastern Germany is said to have thrown a javelin at 104.80 meters. With the results listed above, it can be gathered that the distance a javelin can travel depends on the physical ability of the athlete.

What are the rules in javelin throwing?

In as much as javelin throwing appears as an exciting and breathtaking sport, there are certain rules guiding the sport in order to guarantee a fair play in the game. Below are certain rules guiding the javelin throwing sport.

  • The athlete is required to stay on the throwing ground until the javelin lands on the required space.
  • The athlete won’t wield the javelin at its grip point.
  • The athlete must perform with the marked line as crossing the marked line will attract a penalty.
  • The athlete is required to rely solely on his skills and ability as any other form of assistance is highly prohibited.

The listed rules are observed during a javelin sport.

Do javelin throwers use their own javelin?

The question of javelin throwers using their own javelin can be answered by agreeing to the fact that most organizers provide sporting equipment for the athletes.

According to the world athletic rules for tack and field, implement are provided by the organizers of the game as athletes are equally permitted to use their own equipment provided they are certified by the world athletic board and approved by the organizers.

Therefore, javelin throwers use their approved javelins during a game except the organizers insists.

Can a javelin thrower use gloves?

90% of javelin throwers are know to perform without gloves and the trend has been implemented since the inception of javelin games and in international contests.

Gloves are not considered an equipment in the javelin throwing game as most athletes consider using gloves a disadvantage to them. However, javelin throwers might be allowed to use gloves during a game.

Why do javelin throwers cross the line?

As discussed earlier, most javelin throwers cross the marked line for certain reasons which might be intentional or accidental, intentional crossing of lines is considered as a ploy to cancel the throw and retry while accidental fouls happens as a result of the player not being able to control his movement. However, crossing the line attract a penalty and the throw becomes invalid.

Has anyone been killed in javelin throwing?

Just as the javelin sport is exciting to watch due to fact that that a lot of entertaining scenes occur , there are equally reported cases of accidents which led to the victim death.

In August 2012, a track and field official was accidentally killed by the javelin of a 16 year old. It was reported that the German official was severely injured while trying to measure the distance of the throw.

He was struck on the cheek by the javelin which went down to his neck and it was reported a day after the incident that he passed away .

The Guardian equally reported an experience of a 13 year old who accidentally killed a classmate during a throw as the javelin injured the victim severely which led to the death of the victim. Javelins are powerful sport implement which should be observed when being thrown.


Javelin throwing can be described as an adventurous game to partake in as a form of exercise or recreation or view as a form of entertainment.

Javelin throwing is loved by a lot of people, but can be considered strenuous and challenging to others, for individuals interested in the game, the article should assist you in knowing more about it and its rules just as it features experiences too, you’ve definitely gained knowledge by reading through the article as you can relate the contents of this article to real life situations.

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