Why Do Shot Putters Fault on Purpose?

The shot put is a field event where athletes throw a ball (usually a metal disc) over a certain distance. There are two types of shot put events: Discus Throw and javelin throw. In both cases, the athlete throws the discus or javelin at a target area. Some track and field enthusiasts cannot fathom why shot putters fault on purpose. This article will provide you with all the answers.

Why do shot putters fault on purpose?

  • To get the best possible throw

If you want to improve your shot putting technique, you should practice until you feel comfortable with your stroke. If you have been practicing for some time, you may find yourself getting frustrated at times.

You might even start to make mistakes. When you are trying to perfect something, you will often make mistakes. However, if you keep working hard, you will eventually master the skill.

  • To get the best distance

You need to focus on the right things while you are practicing. Your goal should not be to hit the target perfectly. Instead, you should concentrate on making sure that you are hitting the target consistently. Once you have mastered consistency, you can then work on increasing the distance.

  • To get the best height

When you are learning how to throw a shot put, you should focus on getting the ball high enough. As you become more experienced, you will learn how to control the speed of the shot.

  • To get the best spin

Spin is a very important aspect of throwing a shot put. You should try to develop a smooth rotation. A good way to achieve this is to use a smooth motion.

  • To get the best trajectory

The trajectory of a shot put is determined by the angle of release and the spin. You should aim to release the shot at a 45-degree angle.

  • To get the best accuracy

Accuracy is the final factor that determines whether or not you will succeed in your shot-putting endeavors. You should focus on aiming the ball straight toward the center of the target.

Shot put throwing tips

  • Grip

The first thing you need to do before you start practicing is to get a good grip on the shot. You want to make sure that you have enough control over the ball. If you don’t have a firm grip, then you won’t be able to throw the shot properly.

To get a good grip, place your hands around the ball and squeeze them together. Your fingers should be facing outward and your palms should face each other.

  • Follow Through

After you’ve got a good grip, you’ll want to follow through with your arm. As you release the shot, let your elbow go back and your wrist follows through. When you’re done, your hand should look like a fist.

  • Swing

Once you’ve released the shot, you’ll want to swing your arm back and forth. Don’t just fling the shot; instead, use your whole body to propel the ball forward.

  • Release Point

When you’re ready to release the shot, you’ll need to find the sweet spot. This is where the ball will leave your hand. You can tell if you’re at the right point by watching how the ball travels. If it’s traveling straight, then you’re probably hitting the sweet spot.

Why do shot putters throw from the neck?

The answer is simple. When you throw a shot put, you want to get the weight over the target line first before letting go. If you let go of the shot before getting the weight over the line, then the shot will not have enough momentum to reach its full potential.

So, if you want to maximize your shot’s distance, you need to keep the shot moving forward until it reaches the point where you release it.

When you have a strong grip on the ball, you have a lower chance of losing control of the ball. If you lose control over the ball, then you will not be able to make sure that the ball goes where you want it to go. You need to keep your hands close to your body.

A strong core helps you get the ball farther and faster. If you have weak core muscles, then you won’t be able to generate enough power at the top of the backswing. You’ll end up throwing the ball short and slow.

How far can the average person throw a shot put?

The distance you can throw a shot put is determined by how much force you have behind your throw. If you have a lot of power behind your throw, then you can throw farther than someone who doesn’t have as much power..

The standard length of a shot put is 20 feet long. To determine how far you can throw the shot put, multiply your bodyweight by 0.45 (this is the coefficient of drag).

So if you weigh 150 pounds, then you would multiply your body weight by.4572 inches. That means you could throw the shot put 72 inches away from you.

How to Build Core Strength

Core strength is developed over time by doing exercises that target the abdominals, obliques, and lower back. These exercises should be done regularly throughout the week. Here’s how to build core strength:

  • Perform abdominal crunches (sit-ups). Perform planks Perform side planks. Perform leg lifts. Perform lunges Perform squats Perform deadlifts Perform push-ups. Perform pull-ups. Perform sit-ups.

Do you have to be strong for short put?

Yes, you do need to be strong for short puts. If you’re not strong enough, you’ll get tired out before you even start putting. You should be able to lift at least 50 pounds without getting tired.

You need to be strong enough to lift the weight of the ‘PUT’. If you don’t have the strength to do this, then you should not do short puts.

Shot put training can be done indoors or out, depending on weather conditions. Indoor training can be done using a gymnasium or a home-based track. Outdoor training can be done on grass, dirt, sand, or any other surface that is flat enough to allow the athlete to perform the proper mechanics.

To train indoors, the athlete should use a weighted shot put. The athletes should practice their mechanics and technique without weights. Once the athlete feels comfortable with the mechanics, they should add weights to their shot put.

An athlete can start with small weights and work their way up to heavier ones. An athlete should always warm up before working out. Warming up allows the athlete’s muscles and joints to relax.

What’s the longest shot put throw?

The longest recorded shot put distance was set at the World Championships in

Hayward Field, Eugene, (USA) on June 18, 2021. The record holder was American Ryan CROUSER, who threw a distance of 23.37 mark.


Shot putters fault on purpose because they want to win. When they throw the ball, they know that if they hit the target, they will get a higher score than if they miss. So, when they miss the target, they commit foul to avoid penalty and stand a better chance to get the best height.





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