Why does it take so long to send a text?

It is believed that sending text messages is easy and fast as it doesn’t require any data connection that could affect or delay its delivery time.

However, text messages might take longer than expected before they are delivered to the recipients.

The question is why do text messages take longer than expected? Well, this publish will provide accurate answers. But before that, let’s share some facts about SMS and text message.Why does it take so long to send a text?


What Is SMS

SMS stands for ‘Short Message Service.’ It is a text message consisting of 160 characters which doesn’t permit file attachments such as images, Emoji, media, and documents.

Is SMS A Text Message?

Yes. SMS is a text message without any form of documents or other media that could consume much space. It is a standard message service that doesn’t exceed 160 characters which means you can only convey a handful of information per SMS.

The difference between MMS and SMS is that MMS (multimedia message service) allows you to send pictures, videos, links, and documents in your text message. On the contrary, SMS does not permit all kinds of files.

Why does it take so long to send a text?

The following are some reasons why it takes so long to send a text message:

1. Recipient or Sender’s Location

The sender or receiver’s location could prevent text messages from being delivered on time. Your location might be experiencing network problems thereby stopping your text from delivering at the right time.

In the same vein, the recipient could be out of service. This will surely play a role in prolonging the delivery time. It might even prevent the text from being delivered completely.

The distance between the sender and the receiver can also hinder text messages from being delivered on time.

2. Phone-related Problems

Text message transmission speed could be hampered by phone-related problems. The recipient’s phone could be out of service, meaning he/she isn’t guaranteed to receive your message at that particular time.

Flat battery and antenna damage are other phone issues that could make text messages stay longer than expected before they are successfully delivered.

3. Different Networks

This is another reason why your text message takes longer than expected. A text sent by a subscriber will possibly take a longer period before it is delivered to another network subscriber.

This is because most network providers prioritize communication between the same network users over communication between different networks users.

4. Poor Network service

Poor network service is equally responsible for delayed SMS delivery. We have seen situations in which networks are poor throughout the country, text messages weren’t only delayed but couldn’t be sent during that period.

What is the longest text you can send?

As mentioned earlier, a text message does not exceed 160 characters. Though you are allowed to type and send up to 918 characters at once, the service providers will automatically split your long write-up into many messages containing 160 characters each.

Assuming you send a message containing 800 characters at a time, the recipient would get five text messages. This is because the message is divided into five (160 characters per one). You would equally be charged for five text messages.

Can text messages be too long to send?

You aren’t allowed to send a text message longer than 918 characters at a time. SMS users are limited to 918 characters which will be divided into different messages of 160 characters.

Is there a limit on text message recipients?

The answer to this question is yes, although it depends on the type of Carrier or phone you have.

Some phones (carriers) such as AT&T, limit users to just 10 recipients. So, you can send a group text message to just 10 recipients at the same time.

Other Smartphone allow 32 recipients. You should know the number of recipients permitted by your phone makers.

Meanwhile, there are third-party apps that provide the template to send messages to countless recipients. Unfortunately, you might need to upgrade to their paid version to enjoy their services for a long period.

Some best third-party SMS app Android includes Chomp SMS, Handcent Next SMS, Pulse SMS and Mighty Text.

How do I fix delayed text messages?

Here are some easy and effective ways to fix delayed text messages on your Android phone:

  • Check and Change Network Mode: Take time to check if the fault is caused by the network mode. If that’s the case, change your network mode from 3G to 4G (vice-versa). If you use 2G endeavor to convert to 3G and see if the problem persists.
  • System Update: Update your phone’s system regularly to avoid issues like delayed messages.
  • Deploy Standard Messaging Application: Third-party software could malfunction at some points while sending messages.

Therefore, it is good you try sending your messages via the standard messaging app and check the difference.

  • Clean SMS History: Series of unread messages could affect SMS delivery time. Endeavor to clean your SMS history for higher efficiency.
  • Restore Factory Settings: This should be your last resort because you will lose all existing apps, settings, and messages.

Try all the options above before thinking of restoring factory settings to be on the safe side.

How do I make my messages send faster?

Try the following options to make your messages send faster:

  • Restore factory settings
  • Clean Your SMS memory
  • Use Standard (in-built) SMS app


Though social media platforms seem to have taken their place, text messages appear a bit more respectable. Don’t hesitate to use it for official purposes.

We hope this post is helpful. Kindly share your thoughts and questions with us via the comments section box below; we promise to reply as soon as possible.



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