Why Is Hawaii Flag Turned Upside Down & How do Americans view it

What could be responsible for a sudden change in Hawaii’s flag position? Why is it turned upside down, and what does an inverted Hawaii flag mean to the American government?

These are few questions we shall be discussing in this article. So stick around while we disclose the mysteries behind the inverted Hawaiian flag.


Why Is Hawaii Flag Turned Upside Down?

The inverted Hawaii flag is seen as a symbol of a country going through hell as a result of unfavorable government decisions.

It is widely accepted as one of the strategies deployed by citizens to show their displeasure in the government’s decisions, plans, and overall performance.How do Americans view the Hawaiian flag?

The Hawaii flag was turned upside down by a large group of Hawaii citizens during a protest on Mauna Kea, showing their frustration and dissatisfaction with the US leadership.

Lots of Hawaiians were equally seen flying the inverted flags in different rallies that took place across the state.

What Does It Mean When The Hawaii Flag is Flown Upside Down?

Apart from signifying a lack of interest in the government via inverted flags, flowing an upside flag is another way of conveying a message of incoming danger.

It’s a special way of warning both the citizens and government that there might be dangerous events in no distant time.

How Do Americans View The Hawaiian Flag?

It is believed that 98% of the American populates don’t place much value on the Hawaii flag and they do not view it except there are urgent and cogent reasons.

Their apathetic character towards the Hawaiian flag can be traced to the fact that most of them haven’t been to the island while some see no reason to study all the states’ flags.

Since Hawaii Island could be claimed by the British or Japanese authorities in the future, many Americans aren’t keen on viewing a flag belonging to a state that could be snatched by neighboring countries.

In a nutshell, most Americans don’t view the Hawaiian flag because they know little about it and they are unwilling to learn more about it.

Is It Unlawful To Turn The Hawaii Flag Upside Down?

There is no legal statement or declaration against it, although, the Commander of the Department of Hawaii Veterans of Foreign Wars believes it is disrespectful.

According to the department, flying an inverted Hawaii flag is a total disregard to the United States and the government.

At the time of this article, flying an inverted Hawaiian flag doesn’t attract legal sanction, but that might change in the nearest future should they continue the disrespectful attitude.

What’s The History of Hawaiian Flag?

In the past, every Hawaii Island has a unique king ruling the affair of its territory.

However, the system of leadership changed when the ambitious Kamehameha eventually brought all the islands with the aid of traveling Europeans.

He merged all the populated islands as one unit under his watch, declaring them an independent state.

Meanwhile, the Hawaiian flag’s history can be traced back to 1810 when Captain George Vancouver visited the ruling Kamehameha I and presented him with a Red Ensign.

A few years later, a Saint Patrick’s Cross of Ireland was added to the ensign and was generally accepted as the state’s unofficial flag.

It was upgraded in 1816 as it features different stripes, colors, and the Union Flag of the United Kingdom as part of the king’s desire to regard his long-term relationship with the British people.

Despite generating lots of controversies, the newly-designed ensign was eventually accepted as the state’s official flag becoming the only flag that features another country’s symbol.

It was upgraded in 1843 and 1845. Some stripes and colors were eliminated thereby bringing the total stripes to eight.





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