Why Is It Illegal To Sell Moon Rocks?

When NASA goes on a space mission to explore the wonder outside earth, sometimes, they stumble on things that they snag and bring back to the world. So, when NASA went to the moon back in the days, they returned with goodies that would be valued on earth called the moon rock or lunar rocks.

Now, we’re not here to rave on about NASA’s adventure to the moon. Instead, we’ll clarify whether it is legal for anyone to own a piece of the moon

rocks that were snatched into the earth by NASA. Before we dive deeper, here’s a quick one; not everyone can own lunar rocks. Although the few brought back were auctioned and sold legally at a huge amount, only a few private individuals can legally own moon rocks.Why Is It Illegal To Sell Moon Rocks?

In essence, those who own Moon rocks are (possibly) representatives from NASA and the wealthy billionaires that got the moon rock pebbles after the auction. So if you’re wondering if Moon rocks are legal, keep reading to find out.


Why is it illegal to sell moon rocks?

You already know selling moon rocks isn’t legal. But here’s why. Moon rocks are rare gems owned by the United States and some private billionaires, for starters.

Although these Billionaires put in the work to acquire moon rocks legally, they can’t sell them to the public or anyone- not even to their romantic partners or family members. In essence, if you’re not the United States authorities, but you have what it takes to acquire moon rocks, and you get it, you can’t sell it.

If you tried to sell it, make sure you don’t get caught. Moon rocks are tagged “national treasure” in the United States. So, if you’re caught trying to sell them, you’ll be arrested and put in custody- regardless of your status. If it’s any consolation, citizens can own lunar meteorites- that is, material from the moon.

Does NASA sell moon rocks?

NASA doesn’t exactly sell moon rocks. But they are set to buy moon rocks from private space companies, but it is not what you think at all. In the spirit of business and collaboration, NASA involved private space companies in their quest to the moon to dig up moon rocks and dusty terrain samples.

They need the resources of these companies as they have asked companies who can get their robotic rovers to the moon to go for it.

NASA intends to use this medium to encourage space companies to get into the development of rovers.

As a result, they’ll send three companies to the moon and then buy the moon rocks from these private companies. Think of this action as NASA’s way of helping these companies raise funds for the fundamental goal of developing rovers.

How much is a piece of moon rock worth?

Moon rocks are a national treasure. So, you already expect it to be expensive. Hence, it’s not surprising to hear that a gram of moon rock in 1973 used to cost $50,800. What determined this price in 1973 was solely the retrieving cost.

However, since 1973, the value of moon rocks has significantly appreciated. So, you’ll most likely get a gram of moon rock at the price of $300,000.

In recent times, the worth of moon rocks possibly already rolls into millions of dollars, and it’s because lunar meteorites (materials from the moon, like moon dust) alone cost about $2.49 million.

Why are moon rocks so valuable?

You’ve probably been wondering why moon rocks are valuable, especially after discovering that the composition of moon rocks isn’t different from elements on Earth-like silica, oxygen, etc.

But, you’d be surprised that the value of moon rocks isn’t linked to its composition; its worth is entirely psychological. Here’s what I mean.

Since NASA made it impossible for anyone to acquire moon rocks, it indirectly boosted the desire for people to covet them. As a result, the desire to own moon rocks placed an immense value on it. On their own, moon rocks lack any unique value. But the law of demand and supply

greatly influenced their value.

Generally, high demand and low supply of a product or service dramatically hike the product’s value in question regardless of whether the product has an inherent value or not.

How can you tell if a moon rock is real?

Moon rocks are worth millions. So, you could be a millionaire if you happen to stumble on one. However, you have to be sure the moon rock you found is genuine before doing whatever you please with it.

The reason is you could get into trouble for selling false moon rocks to anyone. For starters, it’s illegal to own or sell moon rocks. But if you stumble on one, at least test its genuineness before keeping it or selling it off to the highest bidder.

An easy way to do this is to examine its physical qualities. Ask questions like; What color is it? What’s its shape? Does it have a fusion crust? What’s the weight? Is it magnetic? Does it have any shiny metal flakes? Etc. These questions would guide you while checking or testing the genuineness of the rock.

Where can I see a real Moon rock?

The fact that you can’t own a moon rock doesn’t mean you can’t see or touch one. As a form of compensation to the general public longing and wishing they’d one day own moon rock, they get a chance to see and touch moon rocks on display at the National Air and Space Museum Washington, DC.

How can I buy moonrocks?

If you’re referring to the moon rock cryptocurrency, you can buy that. But you can’t purchase moon rock from space because it’s illegal to sell it.

More so, and only a few private individuals own moon rocks, so it’ll probably take you a while to find a moon rock owner that’s willing to sell their moon rock. Unless you have a plan to persuade the US government to sell you the moon rocks they got from space, you can’t legally acquire moon rocks.


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