Why is the skating community so toxic? Does it have a bad reputation?

Why is the skating community so toxic? Does it have a bad reputation?

Skating on a board has become a well known recreational activity, especially among kids and teens. A sub-niche in skateboarding spin-offs (mountain boarding and longboarding) has been popular for some years now.

As an exciting and interesting outdoor activity, skating is quite risky. Why is that? Skaters are prone to injuries. Young children are more exposed to injuries via skateboarding.

It has a high center of gravity, poor balance, and less development. With these, kids are more likely to get hurt when they fall. This is slightly different for adults as adults have more coordination and faster reaction time.

Recently, most people assumed about the skating community. Some say the community is toxic. How true is this? Why that assumption? That’s what this article will focus on. Keep reading!

If you think the skating community is toxic, then you have been misinformed. In fact, they maintain healthy intimacy. Like an initiation, all skaters do their time, they bond real good.

If you really assume the community is toxic, then it isn’t. Most of them don’t just have the time with people who is not part of them by putting in the time to make skating a hobby. If you are an outsider, it could be easy for you to think that.

Well, do skaters have bad rep? There are different stuff that suggests this was the case. One is the relationship between pedestrians and skaters.

Many people see skaters as nuisances and dangerous to others, because they jump around and are seen as loud. The bad rep also comes to play when kids try to become one as their parents may discourage them.

Many who follow a punk lifestyle and skating are often misunderstood. For those who are not into skateboarding, skateboarders are seen as outsiders.

It is however important that the culture and lifestyle of skateboarding should be understood by scholars, adults, or politicians who are interested in building better relationships with skaters, young or old. You need to first have insight into the culture.

Again, an outsider who wants to learn to skateboard may not get an instant welcome into the community.

It takes time, just like an initiation. To belong, you must have but in some time and work into it. That’s when you can truly be part of the community.


Why do skaters have a bad reputation?

It is common for most skaters and people in the punk lifestyle to be misunderstood. This made some people see them as outcasts in the society.

Well, all skaters do is leave a kind of lifestyle that gives them more happiness. And no, they aren’t misguided, troubled, or to live a life of incarceration and crime.

Their culture is been misunderstood by the society, that’s the key point of the story. With an open mind, society would understand them better.

It’s also important to understand that your personal preferences may not be in line with the lifestyle they live.

Some common stereotypes about skaters

Punks and skaters have similar stereotypes. Among the common stereotypes, they are being referred to emo (like emotionally troubled).

That’s a wrong assumption. It is not the case. For you to become very good in riding a skateboard, balance and talent is needed.

Just like any other sport, you need talent and balance to adapt to tricks which would wow your audience. Performance like thing can’t go smoothly when your are emotionally troubled.

Also, skaters are believed to be drug addicts and alcoholics – this is another common stereotype which is false.

The outdoor activity requires some level of alertness. The stereotype of them being alcoholics is far from the scenario, in most cases.

Many young adults and teenagers who are into the skating culture don’t drink or ever used hard drugs.

What are some bad reputations skaters are known for?

They seem to always be linked with bad reputations, both punks and skaters cultures. Even when they abide with the laws and got no trouble with it, members of these culture do have a bad reputation.

Why is this? You may ask. Is it because they have skulls and graffiti on their skateboards? Or because they love rock dark clothings?

Well, these has nothing to do with having a bad reputation. So why do they have bad reputation? Absolutely, it’s nothing.

As a tough sport (it’s hard to master), skating has a symbol of a skull and cross bones. These symbolize working hard to master the talent, injuries, and broken bones. That’s all there is to it!

And again, what’s the big deal about having a wardrobe with lots of black clothings? There is nothing bad about that.

A fashionista would agree to the fact that black goes with almost everything. In fact, it’s the easiest color to match others.

It will be a bad judgement to conclude dark clothings makes a person or his/her lifestyle bad. Don’t get it twisted.

Skaters’ lifestyles and the misinterpretations

There have always been misinterpretations regarding the culture and lifestyles of skaters. We see these in the attitudes of outsiders towards skaters.

To be honest, they are easy to approach.

They are not some angry souls, they happen to be some of the coolest individuals to hang around. In real, you would enjoy their companies.

Maybe they aren’t often approached by outsiders, they are no different from the regular people you will meet out there.

The culture doesn’t stop them to observe the world at large, in fact many of them appreciate what regular people won’t take time to pay attention to. They are unique!

And if you haven’t done that yet, spending some time with someone who has master skateboarding could be one of the most amazing conversation you have ever had.

It can open you to a great deal of experience, looking at the world in another mind-blowing perspective. They are very articulated.

What’s more? They are always honest. It takes different skills to master any craft or sport, and honesty is part of the attributes.

Next time, don’t be quick to judge anyone simply because your have different culture or lifestyles from yours. People are different, we have different values too.

Others are definitely going to say different things about, at least, most don’t know a lot about who you are until they meet you in person.

You can get to know more about people and their lifestyles by simply spending some time with them.

At least, that’s the best way to know the minds of men. Merely passing judgement won’t do it. We don’t have to be shallow minded. Stakers are cool people too.

Is skateboarding on public property against the law?

As fun as it is, skateboarding can also be a risky outdoor activity. You can have fun with friends, but if care is not taken, it can land you in jail.

There are certain laws relating to skateboarding, it could vary from country to country. Breaking any of these laws could lead one to jail.

In the United States of America, each States has its skateboarding laws, they are different and you need to know them.

For example, California prohibits the motorization of skateboards on sidewalks, bicycle path, and on streets.

Are the restrictions simply justified as a result of the traffic hazards caused by skateboarders or how they endanger pedestrians? Some people reasoned.

Well, some skaters have damaged property while on stunts in the past. These could be the reasons why some States in USA prohibits skateboarding on public property.

For private property, the owners can decide whether or not skating is allowed.

Objects can be demaged via skateboarding, and this can be considered vandalism (the will to destroy or damage private or public property).

The non-skating community will view skateboarders as vandals. Damage is likely to occur irrespective of whether or not you try to avoid it, especially when you skate more on the property.

Just like rollerblades and bikes, skateboards are if it won’t affect pedestrians. Also, don’t forget to skate with a helmet. Going in public without it is illegal.

Skateboarding itself isn’t illegal. The law requires good protection, so please abide by them according to your state or country.

Illegal to skate in a parking lot?

Some people also ask whether it is illegal to skate in a parking lot. This question is important.

In many states and countries, it is illegal. But ultimately, it still comes down to what the owner of the parking lot allows. If there are provisions for harmless skating (a bit separated from people), it is cool.

If the owners of the lot don’t allow skateboarding, it is risky if you go ahead as police may be involved. You can get fined after not yielding to warning.

How risky is skateboarding?

Skating as an activity is fun, the thrill is tempting. It remains one of the most risky outdoor activities.

Among the common physical risks involved in skateboarding are strains, fractures, and sprains on different part of the body (especially the legs, trunks, neck, and arms.

There have been records of injuries on the face – think fractured jaw or broken nose. Also, servere head injuries like concussion have been involved.


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