Why Is There A Short Player In Volleyball?

Have you wondered why volleyball team has a short player amidst tall teammates? Well, that’s because shorter players thrive at the libero’s position. The volley ball team has a short player whose only function is to help the team from the back row position.

However, the mystery behind this decision is unknown to many volleyball lovers; which is what we shall be discussing in this post. We will equally explain the meaning of libero’s and their functions in a volleyball team.Why Is There A Short Player In Volleyball?

Why is there a short player in volleyball?

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why volleyball teams have a short player is the fact short players are most suitable for the libero’s position as they aren’t allowed to smash the ball towards opponent half.

Who is a libero in a volleyball team?

A libero in a volleyball team is the shortest player in the team who stays at the back row to prevent the ball from touching the court floor.

A libero wears a jersey different from the other teammates in most cases and they aren’t allowed to spank the ball above the net.

Instead, their main function involves passing the ball to teammates and helping them keep possession of the ball when necessary.

Is being short a disadvantage in volleyball?

It is apparent that volleyball is a game for tall players because you need a good height, power and balance so hard that it will cross the net and hit opponents’ court.

A team with more than one short player might be easily defeated by teams with taller players even if both teams share similar skill levels and potentials.

Being short isn’t a disadvantage to a volleyball team if you are the team’s libero. Unfortunately, you might be a burden to the team if you are playing the front row despite your height as you might be unable to block or attack effectively.

Is it better to be tall or short in volleyball?

It depends on your role in the team. Liberos are short but are known as defensive specialist because they have the height which enhances their ability to deliver.

As a front-row player who block and strikes, it is better to be tall because your height goes a long way to determining how effective you can strike the ball into the opponents’ half.

In a nutshell, it is better to be tall in volleyball because you can play different positions, including the libero’s position. Tall players can function as libero if you are trained to play in such position, regardless of your height.

Is height important in volleyball?

Yes. It is one of the crucial things to consider before choosing volleyball as a career. Your height can help you decide which position is best for you as a volleyball player.

For instance, a 7’ payer is suitable for the front or attacking role while at least 5′ 2” is good for the libero’s position.

Other important of height in volleyball is that tall height enhances your jumping and blocking abilities.

Can short person play volleyball?

As much as tall height is advisable for volleyball player, a short person can still play volleyball and be one of the best in the game.

A short 5’ 3” person can be at the back row trying to prevent the ball from hitting the floor. Your skills and reflexes are the most important attributes you must possess to succeed as the libero of your team.

For instance, French setter Benjamin Toniutti is a 6 feet player but he is one of the most successful volleyball players in the world having won the World League, Champions League, and Olympics in his career. He is one of the richest volleyball players in the world with an estimated $1.5 million net worth.

How Tall Do You Have To Be To Play Volleyball?

Though volleyball requires you to be tall to outclass your opponents in most cases, tall height isn’t the only requirement.

You must know that the minimum height requirements vary from one tier or division to another. The governing bodies also play a huge role in determining the minimum height of players in their respective divisions.

Nonetheless, volleyball players shouldn’t be shorter than 5ft regardless of your division because that’s the minimum height accepted by the international level.

What position should short people play in volleyball?

The libero’s position is the best option for short people because they don’t have to block or attack the ball when it’s above the net level.

What is the short person called in volleyball?

The short person in volleyball is called the Libero. He occupies the back row of the court, ensuring that the ball doesn’t hit the ground.

You must know that liberos aren’t restricted to being a defensive strategist; they also serve in a few cases.

Can The Libero Spike?

As mentioned above, the libero cannot spike when the ball is above the height of the net.

However, this doesn’t mean he can’t attack the ball in all conditions. The short player in the volleyball team can spike as long as the ball is below the top of the net.

Can The Libero Serve?

Yes, the libero can serve in only a few circumstances. The libero can only serve in the place of the player they replace. In other words, the libero can only serve once per full rotation.

Can Libero Replace A Player Without An Official’s Approval?

Yes, the libero can replace a player without notifying the officials on one condition.

According to volleyball’s rules, the libero can replace a back-row teammate without the official’s attention. It means there is no need to stop play before a libero can replace a back-row player.

Likewise, substituting a player for a libero won’t affect the number of substitutions a team is allowed to make in a game.

This means a team’s substitution limit per game remains unchanged even if a libero has already replaced a back-row player.

Are All Liberos Short?

No, all liberos aren’t short. Some are slightly tall while others are of average height. However, many volleyball teams prefer short libero due to a lower centre of grace gravity which aids quick movements.

Liberos are expected to move quickly for fast digs; hence teams always choose short players due to their impressive centre of gravity.

Shortest Men’s Volleyball Players

FARHAD ZARIF is the shortest men’s volleyball player at 5 feet 5 inches height. The Iranian-born star was inarguably one of the most successful liberos during his active days.

Unfortunately, he stopped playing volleyball in 2014 due to some family issues that required his maximum attention.

Meanwhile, the top six shortest men’s volleyball players are FARHAD ZARIF (5 Feet 5 In), TAICHIRŌ KOGA (5 Feet 7 In), MATÍAS Sanchez (5 Feet 8 In), MASAHIRO SEKITA (5 Feet 9 In), FRANCISCO RUIZ (5 Feet 10 In), And LUCAS PROVENZANO JOÃO DE Deus (5 Feet 10 In)

Shortest Women’s Volleyball Player In The World

Jorella Marie de Jesus is the shortest women’s volleyball player with just around 5ft. The Philippine international was PLDT Home Ultera Fast Hitters’ libero in 2015, and she currently plays for the Creamline Cool Smashers.


Your short height shouldn’t stop you from becoming a professional volleyball player unless you are shorter than 5ft. Don’t be intimidated by your height; go for the libero position if you are short and you will be fine once you possess the required skills and techniques.




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