Why is volleyball more popular with girls than boys?

When last did you see a men’s volleyball team? Well, that’s not something you come across too often because volleyball isn’t common among men.

Despite being one of the interesting and most-watched sports in the world, you would hardly see grown-up men spiking a ball on a volleyball court or beach.

The question is why do men hate volleyball, or why is volleyball popular among girls? These and other questions are what we shall be discussing today.

Why is volleyball more popular with girls than boys?


Why is volleyball more popular with girls than boys?

1. Stereotypical Belief: The main reason why volleyball is popular among girls than boys can be traced to people’s stereotypical beliefs.

Most people, especially parents, believe volleyball is for the female gender; hence they discourage their young boys from developing interest in it.

In the same vein, since it’s registered in their head and mind that volleyball is made for female, parents encourage their young girls to participate in the sport instead of going for other sport.

2. Women See Volleyball as a Dainty Sport: Volleyball is a dainty sport to most girls, which is one of the reasons girls easily love it. They believe it suits their worth, stature, and physicality.

3. Volleyball Is Not Physically Demanding: An average man loves a sport that allows him to showcase his physical strengths and abilities. Unfortunately, volleyball doesn’t offer the desired platform as it doesn’t give room for any physical contact with the opponent except during optional after-game greetings.

On the contrary, a large number of girls participate in games with little or no contact to avoid incessant injuries. Therefore, they choose Volleyball to be ‘safe’

4. Female’s volleyball enjoys more supports than male: NCAA institutions and other private business owners offer financial support to women’s volleyball.

Using the United States as a case-study, at least 300 NCAA institutions ensure women’s volleyball at the high school level keeps growing by funding all the needed expenses.

On the contrary, less than 30 NCAA institutions show interest in men’s volleyball in the same country. In the same vein, over 15,000 high schools offer regular women’s volleyball programs to help young students improve their volleyball skills.

As a result, young girls have huge chances of making it as professional volleyball players as there are many sponsors ready to invest in their potentials.

Is volleyball a girl sport?

Volleyball isn’t naturally a girl sport. Both genders are legally permitted to participate in the entertaining sport. Owing to the ratio of female volleyball players to their male counterparts, many people easily conclude that volleyball is a female sport.

Just as mentioned above, people’s stereotypical mindset has made us see volleyball as a game for girls. Though not much, some men play volleyball at School ages and went on to become professionals in the game.

Why is boys volleyball not popular?

Boys volleyball isn’t popular because there isn’t enough NCAA ready to invest time and money.

Most parents want to see their kids become the next Ronaldo and Messi; therefore, they discourage their kids from picking interest in volleyball at their early age.

Are boys better at volleyball than girls?

The boys who play volleyball are good at what they do. They seem to have better endurance, skills and techniques than their female counterparts.

They are more concerned about getting points than entertaining the spectators; hence they hit the ball too often. Unfortunately, their games always turn out boring and less entertaining.

According to a report, boys make more serving errors than girls, while girls play more entertaining games. In a nutshell, male volleyball players are a step below their female counterparts in some part of the game.

Is volleyball a woman-dominated sport?

Yes. Women currently dominate Volleyball, either indoor or outdoor. The game is more popular among girls than boys. According to stats revealed by Zippia, 70% of volleyball players are female while 25% are male.

Are boys and girls volleyball different?

Though the rules, sanctions, and skills are the same, there are slight differences between boys and girls volleyball. They include:

1. Net height: The height of the net in men’s volleyball is 7′ 11 5/8”, while women’s volleyball is 7′ 4 1/8”. It is widely believed that men are taller than women, and they equally jump higher.

2. Fun and Finesse: Men’s volleyball lacks finesse and exchange of passes that provide more fun and entertainment. Women’s volleyball on the other hand consists of numerous captivating finesse and impressive skills.

3. Physicality: Men’s Volleyball is more power-driven as it requires jumping high to get the ball over the net. They hit the ball regularly with more power than their women counterparts, making it more difficult.

Do women outperform men in volleyball?

Let’s make it clear that women and men don’t play together in a competitive volleyball game. That being said, you may see two or three men training with the women’s volleyball team.

According to Kevin Hambly, former Highline Volleyball Club, Illinois women’s volleyball team sometimes trains with some “6-foot-2 guys” who are taller, and more powerful. He further stressed that the guys helped her girls improve their overall qualities in the long run.

Judging by Hambly’s revelation, we assume women don’t outperform men in some aspects of the game like physical, spiking power, and jumping.

Do guys like girls who play volleyball?

Yes. Most guys love attractive girls who are physically fit. They love girls who look smart and gorgeous as a result of the activities they do.

Irrespective of what guys think about a female volleyball player, you can’t change your chosen career.

However, it’s all about being moderate in what you do. Ensure you don’t disfigure your shape due to extreme exercise.

What Is Volleyball?

Volleyball is a team sport played between two teams of six players each. Just like lawn tennis, volleyball is played on a court divided into two halves by a net. The players play the ball over the net to ground it in the opponent’s half.

There are two types of volleyball games, they include indoor and outdoor. Indoor volleyball takes place inside a sports complex or stadium.

This type of volleyball game is mostly seen during the Olympics and other indoor athletics fiesta. As for the outdoor volleyball, it takes place on the beach.

Though the same rules apply to both types, the indoor volley appears a bit more difficult than the beach volleyball as it features a wider court, heavier (leather) ball and more difficult way to emerge winner.

What Are The Basic Volleyball Skills

You must have heard of spiking in volleyball, Spiking is one of the volleyball skills and techniques you must master to defeat your opponent.

Just as the name implies, spiking simply means slamming the ball with force to score a point once the ball lands in the opponent’s court. Other important volleyball skills are serving, passing, setting, blocking, digging, and hitting.

How to Score Points in Volleyball

There are other ways to earn points apart from the ball touching the floor. They include the following:

  • Your team will earn points opponent hits the ball outside the court.
  • If opponents play the ball to the net and the ball return to their court.
  • If opponents make a service fault.
  • If any of the opposing players touches the net while hitting the ball.
  • If one player hit the ball more than twice in a row.
  • If your opponents hit the ball more than three times in their court.
  • You will be awarded a score if your opponent is involved in any penalty violation during rally service.

How to Decide Volleyball Winner

The first team to reach the 25-point mark with a two-point margin difference becomes the winner. For instance, your team becomes a winner if the score is 25 – 23, 25 – 22, or 25 – 20.

However, you have to continue playing if the scoreboard is 25-24 because there isn’t a two-point margin. In this case, the tie break rule could be applied to determine the winner.

Another way to determine a volleyball winner is when a team wins three out of the five sets. In this case, a winner could emerge without reaching the 25-point mark as long as they win three straight sets.


Volleyball is not meant for girls alone. Both genders are allowed to participate in the game although girls have better chances of making it to the top than males. This is because many people are ready to support them.


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