Will AAA tow a car without Insurance?

How can I tow my car? How much does it cost to tow a car? Is it possible to tow an unregistered car? Will AAA tow a car without insurance? These are questions frequently asked by car owners who need a towing service.

We are glad to inform you that this post contains answers to all the questions and other helpful information regarding towing a car. Kindly pay attention to everything on this page as we dive into action.


Will AAA tow a car without Insurance?

You can purchase any of the AAA roadside assistance without altering your car insurance.

AAA towing service is different from their insurance packages. This means AAA can tow your car without changing your insurance. However, you must register your car with them to enjoy this service.

In case you are asking “what is AAA?” It stands for American Automobile Association — a company that offers diverse road assistance to its registered members.

The AAA Company has diverse membership plans which cover diverse road assistance, including limited loan/lease payoff, extended car rental expenses coverage, accident forgiveness, new vehicle replacement, roadside assistance, travel discounts, and repair services, among other benefits. Read more on AAA here

Can You Tow An Unregistered Car?

No, you can’t tow an unregistered car due to many reasons. First, it is illegal to tow an unregistered car in many countries. According to Michael Dayton — a US retired mechanic, it is illegal to move unregistered vehicles on highways in American states.

Another reason why AAA and some other roadside assistance companies won’t tow an unregistered car is that it goes against their work ethics.

As mentioned earlier, you must subscribe or pay for a membership plan with the automobile companies. Being a registered member makes your car eligible to benefit from their services.

You can’t access any towing agency unless you register your car with a legit roadside assistance companies

However, the only exception is if you have a move permit. Get a one-day move permit from the motor vehicle department in your country so you can tow your unregistered car.

Can Your Car Get Towed For No Insurance?

Yes, the police can impound and tow your car for no insurance if you live in a country with high regard for car insurance. They could equally issue you a citation if you are caught driving a car with no insurance.

You should be ready to pay a fine which ranges from $75 to $2,000 for no insurance offence in many American cities. Offenders are expected to pay £300 as a fine for driving without insurance in the United Kingdom.

Nimblefins suggests drivers who violate the car insurance policy will be fined £300 or risk a jail term. They might also issue 6 points on your license, which means your license will be suspended or revoked. However, if you are lucky, the police officer will warn you instead of towing your car to their office.

Meanwhile, your car might escape being towed by the police in a country that places little to no emphasis on car insurance. The same thing applies in a country that allows drivers to waive insurance coverage.

Do Cameras Detect No Insurance?

Yes, the police deploy Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to know if a car is insured or not.

The camera, which is placed inside the police vehicle, will instantly read the number plate and check if it’s in the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

The MID consists of all the details of every insured vehicle in the UK. Hence, the police can easily know your car insurance status based on the information obtained via the ANPR camera.

However, the police officers will first confirm the information by calling the MID police helpline before taking further action.

What’s The Punishment For Driving Without Insurance?

Car insurance is required in many countries, including the United States. You must insure the car before using it to avoid being booked or punished by the police.

The police officers or other concerned authorities will impound your car for driving without insurance.

It is believed that driving without insurance attracts $500 in Alabama, Arizona and Alaska. Your driving license could be suspended for 90 days after paying the fine for driving without insurance in the three states.

You might be jailed for breaking the car insurance policy if you keep driving an uninsured car despite police warnings.

Meanwhile, you could be fined at least $100 for bridging the rules binding every driver if you live in some uncompromising countries. You might get a warning or low fine if you reside in a country with simple punishment.

Do You Have To Be With Your Car To Get It Towed?

Though it is not mandatory to be present before your car can be towed, we advise you are available to witness the towing process. Your presence is a form of security and protection as you would keep close tabs on everything happening around your car.

What Does It Mean To Tow A Car?

Towing a car means using a truck to take your faulty car to a mechanical engineer who will repair it. In other words, towing a car is the process of hiring a towing service or vehicle to take your spoilt vehicle from one location to another.

You can also tow an illegally-parked vehicle to a more suitable place or position using an official truck.

How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car

The cost of towing a car depends on various factors, including car type, time, the problem, distance, and the nature of the terrain.

The price tends to increase tremendously if you are towing your car at night, weekends, or on holidays.

Towing a car on a rough, narrow, and mountainous road is costlier than on smooth and broad terrain. Similarly, you might need to pay more if you intend to tow a car involved in an auto crash or accident.

In a nutshell, ensure you have between $75 and $125 before hiring any towing agency or company.

However, it is advisable to purchase one of AAA annual membership plans ranging from $52 to $144. The plan ensures you can tow your vehicle up to 100 miles.

The good part of the AAA memberships is that you can get them from other roadside assistance companies.

Interestingly, you can tow your car for FREE if the car insurance policy contains roadside assistance.





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