Your husband left You stranded? 8 Questions Explained

For many, marriage is a journey of happy moments, laughter, and beautiful days, while for others, it seem otherwise. But when this path becomes difficult and bumpy, it appears to be a breaking or turning point, and the most distressing aspect is when it leads to abandonment.Your husband left You stranded?

Leaving your spouse stranded or walking away from the relationship is a life-changing decision that is more likely to cause difficulties than to solve them. It can have severe consequences for the spouse who is left behind without financial support, contact, or care, among other things.

It’s perplexing, emotionally painful, and harmful when a spouse is left behind. It has the potential to have a negative impact on people’s lives and derail plans for the future.

Everyone wants a happy family, and no one wants to be in a marriage that ends in divorce, yet it can start with casual fights and eventually lead to a mutual breakup.

Spouses may experience even more abandonment in some cases. When one spouse quits, the other is left to pick up the pieces on an emotional, physical, and financial level.


What is considered “abandonment” in a marriage?

When a husband or wife abandons his or her family and ignores the other spouse’s entire obligations, this is known as “marriage abandonment.” It mainly happens when a relationship or marriage is experiencing major problems, such as financial insecurity.

When a spouse abandons his or her family and leaves them without any means of communication, this is known as abandonment.

The abandoned spouse is confronted with significant difficulties. It can be difficult to cope with a situation like this. When a marriage is abandoned, all sources of connection are severed.

There are two types of marriage dissolution.

1. Felony evasion:

In this case, the partner ceases to provide critical care and assistance to his or her family or spouse, who may be suffering from health issues or have young children.

2. Constructive detachment:

It typically occurs when a husband or wife decides to end their relationship because of unforgivable circumstances such as drug misuse, domestic violence, and so on. The spouse may choose to ignore the marriage and seek constructive abandonment.

Would it be a criminal act for a husband to leave his wife stranded?

Abandoning or leaving one’s spouse is illegal in most countries. In many nations, abandoning a spouse who is stuck without communication or financial support is considered an act of desertion.

Abandoning a wife and children and placing all responsibility and duties on them is usually illegal and considered a felony. It is prohibited and criminal to abandon one’s spouse or wife with no means of support. As a result, numerous countries have made abandonment a criminal offence.

The laws regarding abandonment range from one state to the other. When a husband abandons his wife and children without any means of provision or entrusts them to others to provide for their needs, and then goes for more than six months without any kind of financial aid or communication, he has disobeyed the law and is rightfully punished.

Can you sue your husband for leaving you?

In many nations, filing a case for abandonment comes with a set of prerequisites. You must have lived separately from your spouse for a year before filing for abandonment.

In some nations, you can sue your spouse for abandonment, but you cannot sue your spouse for leaving you under constructive abandonment. When unbearable acts like domestic violence, drug misuse, and other issues arise in a marriage, the spouse may choose to leave for safety concerns.

What does it mean when your husband abandons you?

Abandonment occurs when a spouse or husband abandons his wife and children without communicating with them or intending to return.

When you find yourself alone in a marriage relationship, it’s known as abandonment. Physical, legal, emotional, and economic imbalances result from abandonment. There are a plethora of problems and challenges to deal with.

How do you cope when your husband abandons you?

You may become the bane of your existence when you try hard to figure out the reasons why your spouse left you. You may start to become irrational if you keep feeding your brain with unanswered questions.

The truth is that your spouse might leave you for countless reasons, but you shouldn’t worry too much about his or her departure. You should think about how to cope and move forward with your life. The following are some ways to cope:

  • Accept the hurt and pain:

Getting hurt and experiencing pain are natural in a marital relationship. It takes time for some people to heal and recover from a broken marital affair. Deciding on when to move on may not be determined, so instead, start with a bold step.

Although getting abandoned is like finding an irreplaceable piece, it requires time, but it’s most advisable to take the pain and hurt, heal faster with time, and move on.

  • Communicate and relate to family and friends.

To avoid unnecessary thoughts and worries, talk and relate with friends and family. If you are too emotional, cry on their shoulders. Create a supportive network around you and express your feelings to relieve your burden.

Ask for help and counsel because you might be able to fight it alone. Also, try to maintain a regular sleeping pattern, eat a healthy diet, and participate in exercise programs.

  • Pamper yourself.

The best feeling is when you care about yourself. Take your bath regularly, enjoy yourself with a cup of coffee, create exciting moments, and listen to soft and pleasant music.

Sometimes, take a break to travel out, visit beautiful places, enjoy the holiday to the fullest, and always wear a smile on your face to look attractive.

  • Avoid smoking and excessive drinking.

Do not result to smoking or taking other harmful substances like caffeine, and drugs. All of these are complicated and add additional issues. They can’t take away the pain, but they can make it worse.

  • Create new daily routines.

Begin a new life by continuing your work activities, spending time with friends, and participating in sports, but avoid making large, sudden decisions on your own.

You can express yourself in a creative way, such as drawing, painting, writing poetry, or any other activity that lets you pour out your feelings.

How long does a spouse have to be gone for abandonment?

A spouse must be gone for a specific period of time, usually a year, before it can be called abandonment.

What to do when your husband has left you for another woman?

Marriage is not all about roses and sunshine. Everyone grows and changes every day; likewise, marriage does too. Sometimes we face inevitable blocks on the road to marriage. Some of these blocks can be broken, but some remain hard to crack, which can end the marriage.

It’s very saddening for a husband to leave his wife for another woman. It’s a devastating situation coupled with emotional pain and trauma.

In this situation, try to provide answers to all the questions lingering in your mind, e.g., was it your fault? What caused the abandonment? What is my behavior? Try to fix and adjust any loopholes. Try to keep the pain at bay while remaining friendly and non-obtrusive.

Act wisely to show him that you respect his decision instead of trying to alienate him by furthering the fight. With time, if possible, he might realize his mistakes and come back, but most importantly, he might continue with his life without expectations.

How do I move on after my husband leaves?

  • Let go and move on.

Although the bitterness and pain might be hard to forget, you still don’t have a choice but to let it go and move on.

Holding on to the events that happened in the past will prevent you from seeing the good things ahead of you. Also, too much thinking won’t bring him back.

Accept your mistakes, learn from your mistakes, protect yourself, and move on to the next stage of your life. You can start the most beautiful life after abandonment.

  • Find something to do.

To assist you in quickly forgetting the memories, quickly get a hobby. Get yourself involved in something constructive, learn new things, and keep yourself busy and your mind away from your ex-husband.

  • Block communication.

The best way to end emotional pain and avoid falling into emotional traps is to cut off all forms of communication. You can change the environment and block him on all the social media platforms to avoid intimidation and pain.

Also, it will enable you to focus and concentrate on your life instead of striving with jealousy, quarrels, and blaming.

  • Try to love again.

Love is painful but unavoidable. You don’t have a choice but to forget the past, accept the truth, and embrace the awaiting future. By moving on with your life, you can learn to love again.

  • Consult with a therapist.

If you think it’s very difficult to get over your husband, you can seek professional assistance to resolve your emotional problems and get over them quickly.


Abandonment tends to be a critical situation. If your spouse abandons you for another woman, it is not the end of the world. First, check if there are laws against abandonment in your country, and then file your case.

Bear in mind that your spouse must have been gone for more than 6 months before it is considered abandonment.

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