Can People See My Email On OnlyFans?

In 2016, British tech enthusiast and investor Timothy Stokely founded the OnlyFans platform.

This content subscription service gives creators the platform to host their content service either as paid or free and provides viewers access to follow and watch every content from their favorite celebrities and creators.OnlyFans

The platform has more than fifty million users, meaning that many people are trooping into the platform either as creators or viewers. This post will answer most of the questions OnlyFans users frequently ask.

Can People See My Email On OnlyFans?

One thing about the OnlyFans platform is that there are not many restrictions on the platform for viewers. Since the majority of its contents are explicit, not everyone would want their information to be accessible to the public.

OnlyFans platform is created in a way that people can’t see your email address on the platform because OnlyFans won’t show them.

Most OnlyFans users want their identity to be anonymous, so OnlyFans helps its users achieve that. Your email address is fully kept from the public, so you need not to worry about receiving spam emails from OnlyFans creators to purchase their newest content on the OnlyFans platform.

Do OnlyFans Creators’ See Your Email?

Most OnlyFans users often worry about if OnlyFans can disclose their identity to the public.

Still, one thing many people using this platform wouldn’t want to put in the public is their email address to avoid unnecessary email messages from content creators.

Do OnlyFans creators see your email address has been one of the frequently asked questions in only fans? Here is a straightforward answer.

No. OnlyFans viewers or content creators won’t see your email. Your information is often kept confidential by Onlyfans, and both creators and viewers won’t be able to see them.

Does OnlyFans Hide Your Email?

Users of OnlyFans oftentimes want to know whether their information is kept private or public by the OnlyFans and even if it is kept public, then what information about them is kept from public view.

If in case you have been asking whether your email is kept confidential from the OnlyFans platform, the answer is that, OnlyFans do not disclose your email to the public. It is hidden from content creators and is not shared with the public.

Can I Stay Anonymous On OnlyFans?

The one most frequently asked question from OnlyFans subscribers is whether or not they can stay anonymous on OnlyFans.

A simple and direct answer to this question is No. OnlyFans subscribers can’t stay anonymous on the platform.

OnlyFans send a notification to its users who just recently followed or subscribed to a content creator stating that they have subscribed to it.

After that, OnlyFans will add your account to the content creator subscribers list. It will therefore let OnlyFans creators view some of the preliminary information about your account.

How to stay anonymous on OnlyFans?

Suppose you want to stay anonymous on the OnlyFans platform, whether as a content creator or a fan, then there are a few things you must do to ensure that your account’s online privacy and safety are guarded.

If you intend to make your OnlyFans account anonymous, you will first have to create an anonymous email address. After that, go ahead and create your only fans and ensure that the proper settings are enabled.

You will need to set up a protonMail account to get an anonymous email account. ProtonMail is a hosting service that does not request your personal information to sign up so that nobody will know your identity, even in the case of a breach.

While other platforms can serve the same purpose as the protonMail, we recommend this because it works perfectly for OnlyFans.

It is also important to note that when creating a protonMail account, do not use your name or any means that will disclose your identity. Choose an entirely different username for your account. When you are done with all the steps, you can now go-ahead to create your OnlyFans anonymous account.

How To Hide Email On OnlyFans

If you want to find out whether your friend, children or someone you know is on the OnlyFans platform, all you have to do is search on Google, provided you know the username of the subscribers.

You can search on their profiles to get more details or perform a reverse email lookup to search for a look alike or any connected profile if you don’t know the subscriber’s username.

How do I know if an email is OnlyFans?

If you know someone’s email address, you can use it to discover whether such an email has an account in OnlyFans. You can check it by attempting to create a new password on the only fans’ site to know whether it will go through.

How Does OnlyFans Work For Viewers?

There are two sets of people that are on the OnlyFans platform. The first is the creators, and the other is the viewer.

The OnlyFans platform was created to provide an online space where creators can be able to create and sell their valuable content, such as videos, and writing, among several others. Although, it is dependent on creators if they want to set their page to be free or paid.

Sex workers and adult stars have overtaken the platform, so many of their videos and contents are explicit. Therefore there are some restrictions for viewers under the age of 18. Also, viewers cannot share OnlyFans videos with anyone outside the platform because OnlyFans protect all creators’ content.

More so, viewers are restricted from taking a screenshot on the platform and might get banned if they try to record a screenshot of what is happening on the platform.


OnlyFans keeps the information of its users confidential and users’ emails are kept from public view. It has key features that make it the best among its other alternatives.

Presently, the platform remains one of the fastest growing online communities for anyone who wants to host paid or free contents or watch contents online.