Is it illegal to leave someone stranded?

Leaving someone mostly an adult stranded intentionally is unethical especially when there is no means of communication and transportation.


Is it legal to leave an adult stranded

While abandoning or leaving an adult stranded is not considered an offence against the law it is totally an irresponsible act most especially when you have promised or rather made some level of commitment towards helping or providing them with a means of transportation, communication but failed in that regard.

It is not illegal to leave an adult stranded but remember that such an act could negatively impact or have severe consequences on your relationship and if not handled properly it could result or be seen as an act of abandonment.

Rather before leaving someone stranded it is best we first consider their well being first, consider if they are vulnerable or facing any life threatening situation at that point in time before taking any decision.

It is not illegal to abandon a spouse

Leaving someone stranded, such as a wife, husband, or children, and renouncing all rights and responsibilities to them is illegal and will be classified as a felony.

We have to understand that marriage is a legal contract Binding two couples. No matter how this might sound, It is illegal to abandon your spouse and there could be a legal charges for anyone to abandon their spouse when there is no tangible reason for such act.

If you have any other questions as regards to this, it is best you seek legal counsel for help in knowing your right and also your obligation when it comes to marriage. However you should understand that the consequences of abandonment in marriage is not the same any where because each state maintains it own law.

Abandonment is when a person deliberately leaves his or her spouse or children, who are under his or her care, without any means of survival. Abandonment is a felony in many countries. It is against the law to abandon a spouse (wife or husband) or kid without offering financial support.

Abandoning or leaving someone in your care without communication or offering financial support is considered an act of abandonment in several countries. Is it illegal to leave someone stranded? This post answers the topic.

Is it illegal to abandon a child

But what about leaving a child stranded and how does the law view this?

On the other hand, leaving a child who is vulnerable stranded is illegal and it is called child abandonment and you could face a state jail felony.
Because such a child is young to care and provide for him or herself and you are expected by law to take care of the child’s responsibility unless the child has been emancipated.

Abandoning a child or failure to provide needed protection to a child under your custody is illegal and can lead to criminal changes being filed against you.
While dealing with a child it is best you handle them with care and love and most importantly it is idea you make use of best judgement before coming to a conclusion.

But if you feel that you can’t continue to provide support and care for a child it is better to handle the child to social service or Children’s Services even to the police or rather follow through legal proceedings to get your hands off the child.

Is it illegal to leave someone stranded

On the contrary, if a person abandons his/her parents, that would not be considered as abandonment in family law. Read on to know when it is legal or illegal to leave someone stranded.

Is it illegal to abandon your family?

When a husband abandons his wife, he must not relinquish his financial responsibilities because if the wife reports the situation, it may be treated as a felony.
The court, on the other hand, weighs in on a variety of additional considerations while determining whether the conduct constitutes desertion or abandonment.
In a situation where the wife files a case in a law court, the length of time the spouse (husband) has been away from the house is the most essential consideration they consider. A year is usually required in most states.

Abandonment and desertion laws might differ from one state to another. When a person abandons his wife and children without any form of provision or entrusts them to people who can take care of them and then goes for more than six months with no communication or financial support, he has violated the family law and is punishable by law.

Young adults, on the other hand, who choose to abandon their family for any reason, have no case to answer as there is no formal process in most jurisdictions’ family law for leaving their parents’ home. In the same vein, a parent who abandons a grown child (above 18 years of age) cannot be punished.

Is it legal to abandon someone on the side of the road?

Depending on the relationship you have with the individual, it can be legal or illegal. Abandoning someone on the side of the road may not be a felony if the person is not under your watch. However, it is unjust to bring someone out and abandon them on the side of the road.

If you agree to drive someone to their destination and then leave them on the side of the road, you may be held liable if anything sinister happens to the person.

Is it illegal to drop someone off in the middle of nowhere

Dropping someone off in the middle of nowhere is not illegal but in some cases or circumstances it could be considered illegal and a serious crime.

There are several factors that could be considered or looked into before it could be termed illegal or not illegal :
Is the person in danger? you intentionally or deliberately left them in the middle of nowhere without a means of them getting home safely and where there is every likelihood that they could be in danger or they could even die.

All this act is likely a criminal act and there could be charges if anything bad happens to the victim.
More also, taking anyone into the middle of nowhere without their consent is a crime, generally this is an act of kidnapping because the victim is taken to the middle of nowhere without their consent.

Note : before taking any action that might affect the well being of anyone it is best you take their safety into consideration.

Is it legal to leave someone at sea?


Abandoning a wife or kid is abandonment, and in the family law of most countries, it is treated as a felony. However, a court can only classify the case as abandonment depending on the duration of time the dependents (spouse and kids) were left without any form of communication.

When an adult abandons or deserts a child, it is frequently considered a criminal act. Even though state laws on child abandonment and desertion vary significantly, all states have laws that make this type of behavior illegal.

On the other hand, when an adult child leaves his or her parents’ home, that would not be considered abandonment. In the same way, it is not a felony when a parent abandons an adult child (above 18).

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