what Gang Is moneysign suede In?

moneysign suede though dead was believed to be active in Sureños. In fact he has been linked to the Bloods gang and other violent street gangs.. Read more to find out more about moneysign suede.moneysign suede

while there is no concrete evidence that moneysign suede belongs to any of these gang, many people still talk about it . in fact some people actually believed and even said that MoneySign Suede was affiliated with the Sureños. although.when he was alive, he came out publicly expectedly to debunked the claim.

While there are signs that suggest he (MoneySign Suede) was once a gang member, MoneySign Suede had repeatedly made a stand before his death that he was done with the worst aspect of gang life.

But sadly he was stabbed several times by a prison inmate who couldn’t be identified in the shower when he was saving a 2 year and 8 months jail term and almost done with the sentence.

Most people were of the opinion that MoneySign Suede might have done some wrong while he wasn’t yet in prison and it was an act of a pay back. like for instance, it was alleged that MoneySign Suede was involved in a sho0t out that lead to the demise of three individuals.

All this happened in a performance in Boyle Hights in June 2022. Then quickly he went on his instagram page to issue a statement and also condemned the act while at the same time he issue a word of condolences to the family of the victims involved.

In case you are not aware what Sureños is all about. well, Sureños is a Chicano street gang that is well active in Southern California. you can still identify them as Southern United Raza; they are said to pay tribute to the Mexican Mafia while in U.S. state and federal correctional facilities.


who is moneysign suede?

Suede, who is also known as Money Sign Mexican-American rapper from Huntington Park, California. He was a west coast rapper of Mexican heritage and he was loved in the street community for what he does.

Moneysign Suede was a rising rap musician who was well-known for what what he does and that is music which centers more on poverty, gang life and violence.
untill his demise, moneysign suede is known for his distinct style and hard-hitting lyrics

However, until when this post was last edited, there is no concrete evidence that truly suggests or supports that moneysign suede was ever a member of a gang himself. But we can not denied such claims to whether or not MoneySign Suede was a member of a gang.

Where is MoneySign Suede from?

MoneySign Suede is said to be originally from Guerrero, Mexico but he spent most of his childhood hood in Central South Los Angeles where he grew up.

When was MoneySign Suede born?

MoneySign Suede whose real name was Jaime Brugada Valdez was born in 2000 Huntington Park and sadly passed away in a young age at 22.

Where is MoneySign Suede buried?

MoneySign Suede is thought to have been buried at the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, California.
here is a video of his burial below

Why did suede go to jail?

Yes, MoneySign Suede went to jail after he was convicted and the reason he went to prison was because he was in possession of firearms without clearance.

in fact it was reported by his attorney that he ( MoneySign Suede) , was tragically murdered in California prison’s shower on the evening of April 25.

This shows that MoneySign Suede did not make it out from the prison rather he died in the Correctional Training Facility. this information can be confirmed by the Monterey County coroner’s office that MoneySign Suede was fatally stabbed.

how tall is moneysign suede

while he was alive, moneysign suede was confirmed to be 5 feet 8 inches / 172.2 cm / 1.72m tall and it was said he weigh 64 kg

what is moneysign suede real name?

moneysign suede real name was Jaime Brugada Valdez and he was born in east in Montebello but his family soon moved to South Central L.A. where he spent most of his life.

Do you know that moneysign suede’s parents are originally from Guerrero, Mexico? yes but sadly his parents had to path ways when he was still a child.

At the age of ten, moneysign suede soon got involved in several sports right here at Huntington Park. He got involved in playing soccer and then switched over to boxing and skateboarding. But after a while he identified what he truly find succour in which was music.

in 2016, he got more serious by uploading his first track and surprisingly he was able to pull over 30,000 streams. Soon afterwards he established himself by uploading another self-released track called “Poppin'” not after long, moneysign suede was signed by a Atlantic Records when he released yet another track “Back to the Bag”

moneysign suede soon went ahead to collaborate with Kid Adil and Asapz on Eternal Wave. soon after, moneysign suede was sent to prison to serve a 10 month prison term but sadly he didn’t make it out alive.