What is Kamala Harris IQ?

Kamala Harris, the present and first female vice president of the United States of America has been perceived to be smart and intelligent by many.Kamala Harris IQ

Her mental capacity could be seen in the role she played in the development of America. In as much as certain persons view her an autocratic ruler, other citizens see Harris as a promising leader with an exceptional level of intellectual capacity.

This article covers a lot about kamala Harris, her achievements as well as her background, moreover, answers to several questions being asked were included in the article so sit back and educate yourself as you peruse through the article.


What is Kamala Harris IQ?

Please be aware that Kamala Harris’s IQ doesn’t have a specific IQ score. You might ask why? Well Kamala Harris hasn’t hasn’t participated in any IQ test.

Though some well known sources and media outlets has once claimed that Kamala Harris have a very high IQ of about 131 score but this is mere suggestions as there is no verifiable evidence to back up their claim.

Though Through her academic excellence she has attained and her logical expression of power, it won’t hurt if Kamala is considered a smart leader.

Has Kamala Harris ever taken an IQ test?

No, Kamala Harris has not taken an IQ test. Most people rumor that Kamala Harris has undergone an IQ test but there is no evidence to back this claim.

Moreover, it would be difficult to admit that the vice president of the United States and previous district attorney of the California would undergo and IQ test and allow the media drag her with the results of the test. Certainly, Kamal Harris has not undergone an IQ test.

How intelligent is Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris intelligence could be seen through her numerous achievement and her competency in handling social issues which made individuals term her as a dictator /autocrat.

Kamala can be described as an analytical figure and a competent politician to the democrats as she was a previous member of the committee of intelligence.

Kamala Harris is so intelligent to attend college and graduate with nice grades;

Kamala Harris is known to Have acquired a degree in law (LLD) from the University of California and a doctor of humane letters from Howard University with excellent grades. Such individual could be regarded as intelligent.

Is Kamala Harris considered smart by the Democrats?

Yes, the democrats consider Kamala Harris as a smart figure by choosing her for representation in various elections they participated in.

The democrats viewed Harris as a powerful weapon and granted her general support of which president Joe Biden made it obvious by stating unique facts about Kamala Harris in his maiden public appearance before the 2020 elections.

President Biden described Kamala Harris in his speech as a smart, tough and experienced figure who is also a fighter for the backbone of the country.

These could actually prove that the democrats view Kamala Harris not just as a smart individual, but a ambitious and valuable politician.

Is Kamala Harris smarter than Joe Biden?

Definitely, Kamala Harris is certainly smarter than Joe Biden. Kamala Harris is considered smart by the democrats which proves that she is an outstanding member of the democrats.

Kamala Harris can be described as persistent and strict in going about problems. The role she played during her time as the district attorney and the secretary of state.

On Joe Biden’s part, he is considered a brilliant leader but won’t stand a chance in comparison with Kamala Harris. Basically , Kamala Harris wouldn’t be compared to Biden as she is seen as being smarter than Biden.

Ivanka Trump or Kamala Harris who is smartest?

Most individuals actually argue about Kamala Harris and Ivanka Trump because they feel Ivanka could stand a better chance than Kamala Harris while others believe otherwise.

Many individuals actually have the belief that Ivanka Trump could have done better if she had ventured into politics rather than being some random clothing line brand owner.

However, Kamala Harris achievements and impact in the United States most especially California, won’t make Ivanka Trump stand a chance. Basically, Kamala Harris is considered better than Ivanka Trump in all aspects as she has proven to be.

A Brief History about Kamala Harris

Kamala Devi Harris, vice-president elect of the United States was born on October 20, 1964 and is a known American politician and attorney. Born in Oakland, California, Harris is said to have graduated from Howard University and the university of California, Hastings where she acquired her law degree.

It was recorded that she began her career in the Alameda country district attorney office after which she later became the district attorney in San-Francisco.

As a senator, she advocated for health care reform, Federal de-scheduling of cannabis and a ban on assault weapons. She is the first female vice president and the highest female official in the US.

Notable Achievements of Kamala Harris.

Before Kamala Harris was elected vice president of the United States, it was recorded that she made some notable achievements.

Some of these achievements created great impact in the United States. In 2011,Kamala Harris battled truancy by coercing criminal penalties for parents of truant children.

It was discovered that more than 250,000 elementary students were absent at the cost of 1.4 billion Dollars to schools as funding were based on attendance rate.

Harris equally prioritized environmental protection as the attorney general, after securing a $44 million dollar settlement to resolve damages and cost associated with the Costo Busan oil spill.

In 2004,it was recorded that Harris aided law enforcement by collecting DNA samples from any arrested adult for analysis in the future. Harris equally obtained a guilty plea alongside a 4 year prison sentence for a hacker who obtains private photographs of women via Facebook and other social media platforms for illegal activities.

Harris equally set up the E-crime unit, a body set up to tackle technology related crimes. In 2012,Harris announced an agreement with several companies including Apple, Amazon, Google, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft to authorize that applications sold in their stores would display privacy policies. Kamala Harris equally tackled fraud , waste and abuse.

Final words

Obviously, Kamala Harris is a reputable figure who aims at developing her country. Her achievements could be attributed to her intelligence and logical execution of power.

The article is enriched with enough details enough to enlighten any interested reader .

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