Why Did Micah Leave Good Good?

Where is Micah Morris? Has Micah Morris left the Good Good Golf? Why did Micah Morris leave Good Good?

These are some of the questions asked by ardent fans who couldn’t stop worrying after noticing Morris’s conspicuous absence in recent episodes.Why Did Micah Leave Good Good?

His conspicuous absence has been one of the most discussed topics on social media as fans wonder if everything is fine with the famous star.

Rumors flying around suggest the famous star has left the team for some reason. Some said he left the show to pursue his dream of being a professional golfer, while others claimed he took a short break to settle some personal issues.

The contradictory reports surrounding his whereabouts didn’t help matter, and fans are eager to know the real reason behind his absence.

What happened to Morris — is he done with the Good Good brand for real? You will find out soon because this page contains reliable answers to all questions regarding Morris’ no-show.

But before that, let’s briefly share some vital details about the star golfer for the sake of readers hearing the name for the first time.


Who Is Micah Morris

Micah Morris is a famous American YouTube golfer and a staunch member of the popular GoodGood Golf YouTube channel with over 600,000 subscribers.

Born in America, the 27-year-old star is popularly known for his impressive golfing skills and techniques during competition.

He is one of the six golfers who often create exciting golf-related videos like competitions and tutorials for the GoodGood brand.

Also known as Tig, Morris is arguably the second-popular guy in the Good Good team due to his skills, online visibility, net worth, and personal YouTube channel.

Apart from creating content for the Good Good brand, the American golfer runs a personal YouTube channel (Micah Morris) which boasts over 320,000 subscribers and 180+ videos.

Did Micah Leave Good Good

Having been a reputable member alongside Stefan Castaneda, Matt Scharff, Collin Ross, Grant Hovert, Luke Kwon, and Bubbie Golf for many years, he decided to move on with his career in 2022.

One of the videos uploaded on the team’s YouTube channel last year confirmed the golfer won’t be a part of the GoodGood team moving forward.

The video, titled Goodbye Micah and Grant, revealed both men’s decision to part ways with the brand. It was an official confirmation that Micah was no longer a member of the brand and fans shouldn’t expect him in subsequent content unless he changes his mind.

Why Did Micah Leave Good Good?

Reports suggest that Micah left the group to pursue his dream of becoming a professional golfer. It turns out to be true to an extent.

He recently confessed the reasons for his departure via a 3-minute video uploaded on his Channel.

Though he hopes to pursue his professional career, that wasn’t responsible for his decision.

Moving forward, I will be pursuing professional golf, but I also want you guys to know that’s not the sole reason I left Good Good…” he said.

If the American celebrity believes he has the skills, knowledge, and techniques to succeed in the professional environment, why not give it a try?

It’s only a matter of time before we see him battle Jin Young Ko, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy in The U.S. Open and PGA Championship competitions.

As for Grant Horvat, the 24-year-old reportedly left the team to develop his brand.

While confirming the not-too-pleasant update, a GoodGood golf member Garrett Clark, revealed that Grant departed to start his brand despite the team’s desire to retain his services.

“We offered him everything we could, we threw the kitchen sink at him per se to try and get him to stay, and he was insistent on wanting to go do his own thing,” he said.

Where Is Micah Morris?

Though the video answered the question related to his affiliation with the Good Good, it didn’t reveal his present situation and condition.

Well, the truth is, Micah hasn’t started his pro career yet, but he has signed a new deal with another famous golf brand, TaylorMade.

Having seen how things turned out between Micah, Grants, and the Good Good, TaylorMade seized the opportunity to poach both famous golfers.

Micah Morris sealed a deal with the American Golf company earlier this year, while Grants followed the same path few weeks later.

Having completed their deals, TaylorMade currently has at least four reputable golfers, including Nelly Korda, Brooke Henderson, Grant, and Micah.

Meanwhile, he hasn’t given a major hint regarding his “going pro” mission, and he’s keen on improving his new company and growing his YouTube channel.

Micah currently focuses on producing more content for his new followers and fans.

Good Good And Callaway Golf Partnership

The Good Good Golf company has moved on from the disappointment of losing Micah Morris and Grant Horvat to Taylormade.

They will unveil their new addition soon. According to Garrett, a new guy is ready to join the team as they continue with life without Morris and Grants.

Meanwhile, they recently sealed a partnership deal with Callaway Golf to improve their fame and reputation in the industry.

The partnership will see both teams create videos and share each other’s content on their respective YouTube channels.

Many Good Good and Callaway subscribers will hope this collaboration produces exciting content for their viewing pleasure.