Can you get in trouble for prank calling McDonald’s?

As a child, prank calling is something we all do or might have done to catch fun. Either prank calling a relative, friend, or just an unknown number.

This is often part of the fun endeared in growing up. Some people also prank call a restaurant, public stores, even Domino’s Pizza, and the likes.

However, It has a limit because it may not be a good time on the other end of the receiver, which may later get you into a deep mess.Can you get in trouble for prank calling McDonald’s?


Can you get in trouble for prank calling McDonald’s?

This really depends on the kind of prank calling it is, and is also applicable to other restaurants.

As simple as it sounds, if you prank call McDonald’s request for a chicken sandwich, it will definitely be annoying, but it’s not illegal.

But calling and giving them a random address might get you into trouble because you have committed three felony.

  1. Firstly, you made them waste their time preparing the order, which will later be a waste and an additional loss to them.
  • They might have loose a genuine customer during the time of attending to your prank calls.
  • You wasted their time by giving them an unidentified location.

However, McDonald’s may decide to let it sly but be mindful that you may not be this lucky next time so, to avoid getting into trouble, try to grow up already and stop playing with people’s business and time in the name of prank calling.

What happens if one makes a prank order at Domino’s with fake details over the phone?

Making a prank call at Domino’s Pizza with fake details over the phone often costs them more than you can ever imagine. And the one person that bears the brunt the most is their delivery service.

As much as they tried avoiding this by tracking a customer’s phone number with a CRM to know if it’s a regular customer or not, there are still some losses in it.

But in the case of a new customer, the delivery man is at the risk of losing many things such as:

  1. He wastes a reasonable amount of fuel on delivering the order which he won’t deliver after all.
  • You practically derived him the opportunity to earn his legal delivery payment, which is what he stands to gain from his business.
  • You cost him so much time in figuring out the delivery location when he’s looking for an unknown destination which he might have used in the proper order.
  • To cap it all, he’s at a higher risk of being rubbed off his belongings and the delivery company’s property where he’s busy looking for the address should it be in a rowdy environment.

Also, this kind of call plays with the driver’s emotions because he will be emotionally and physically exhausted after the whole process.

Can McDonald’s track your phone?

Yes, he can! Different outlets have different approaches to getting across to their customer’s orders, but McDonald’s is unique.

McDonald’s has a tracker known as geofencing, which is used to track your phone number in order to get your location so they can know how far or close it is to start preparing your order on time.

So be sure your phone number can be tracked using GPS, which should tell you prank calling McDonald’s spells doom as they can track you down.

Can McDonald’s forward your prank call to the police?

McDonald’s aside, anybody can forward an incident or situation to the police if it warrants it. Instead, the big question should be, what do you think police can do about it?

Now, if McDonald’s decided to forward your prank call to the police, you can be fined for time and money-wasting because, to them, you now owed McDonald’s the amount of what you ordered.

However, it depends on the law guiding your state or district. You might as well be charged for fraud in some states while others will just let it go but with a stipend as acceptable because your actions of prank calling have caused them a loss.

Additionally, in a case where the caller’s number or his call back number is available, a cop can do well to summon a note of warning to the caller so he can desist from that annoying act because if McDonald’s should forward his number again, he may be charged to court.

Do police take prank calls seriously?

Yes, they do take it seriously, to some extent. Usually, a prank call is meant to be harmless even though it can be obnoxious, but it gets serious when the receiver begins to feel unsafe, scared, hurt, hated, and the likes.

Most significantly, if it’s related to race or ethnicity, which is one of the reasons police take it seriously.

There are specific laws for prosecuting prank callers in the United States, which makes it a severe case. Take, for instance.

You prank calls someone outside the state where all call lines were being regulated by the federal government. This act may be tantamount to federal crime because the police, together with the federal agencies, will get involved in the case.

To you, it’s a prank call meant to catch fun, right? But unfortunately, it’s a severe case to them so, to save yourself from this mess, wise up and desist from prank-calling people even if they’re your family.

Is it a felony to prank call a fast food restaurant or a public store?

No, it’s not! There’s a law called the first amendment in the United States which prevents the government from interfering with all types of speech. So prank calling a fast-food restaurant, or public store can’t be termed a felony.

However, it also depends on the discussion that followed the call; if it’s a kind that generates an aggressive response, harassment, and the likes, it can result in a felony.

Need I remind you of the dangers and consequences of a felony? The moment you’re convicted of felony charges, you will be restricted from the following:

  • You won’t be able to rent an apartment
  • You won’t be allowed to get a job whatsoever, either a standard one or something.
  • You will be restricted from attending colleges.
  • Getting a loan will be a no-go area for you, etc. Now, you see the reason it’s better to always be of good conduct.

Can you get arrested if you call Domino’s and ask for the number from Pizza Hut?

No, you can’t! But on second thought, it’s vulgar and unpalatable for you to prank call Domino’s requesting for their competitor’s number when you could have just search the internet and be done with it.

Aside from the fact that it’s annoying, you’re practically wasting their time because, the whole time they’re on the conversation with you, some genuine customers are on the queue already waiting to be attended to while the oven won’t wait for them at the same time before turning their products to a burnt offering.

Moreover, since Pizza Hut isn’t a part of their company, you don’t expect them to know the number off-hand. It’s a prank call anyways!

Whichever way it is, as much as you’re above 18 years old, you should know that prank call is a time-waster.

What is a prank call?

A prank call is an act of calling someone with the intention of playing or catching a cruise with the person.

As a prank caller, you know within you the aim of calling is to make fun by dialing a relative’s number, friend, colleague, business partner, or just a random number.

Practically, a prank call is meant to be harmless, but most times, it doesn’t always work that way because the receiver on the other end may not take it lightly or make any joke out of it, if it becomes nasty or it incurs fear.

Besides, prank calling always wastes time and resources, no matter our insignificant it seems.