Can You Take Skateboard On A Plane In Australia?

When travelling to Australia by Air, you can take your Skateboard with you as you board the plan.

Actually, you can bring in your Skateboard as a carry-on or checked luggage item with you, no official will will prevent you from boarding the plane as long as it meets the standard requirements.

What is most important is the size of the Skateboard, so you should be mindful of not only the size but also the weight of the Skateboard as this are the two factors that you should be worry of
Australian skate board

as there are restrictions in weight and size of baggage and this does not only affect Skateboard but other similar items. Also note that each airline have specific rules for transporting items such as skateboard, do yourself a favour to find out their rules

As you plan to take your skateboard with you when travelling to Australia, the proper thing to do is to first contact the Airline you choose to fly with in advance,

ask them if there is any additional requirements for travelling with your skateboard to Australia or any of their policies that you need to adhere to.


What size of skateboard can I bring on a plane?

The size of the skateboard you are carrying along matters as every Airline have special requirements they recommend and allow.
But in general while bringing in your skateboard ensure it is so small enough to be safely pack under the seat in front of you or rather it is small enough to fit in the overhead bin.

But you might ask; what is the specific recommended size and requirements? Well as a general rule which is maintained by most Airlines, the maximum size for carry-on luggage is 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches, including handles and wheels more also most Airline do allow you bring skateboards with maximum size of 50 pounds and 62 inches

There are some case you might not be allowed to bring in your skateboard as carry-on luggage rather they might need you to bring it as checked baggage. This usually happens when your skateboard appears to be very large.

How do you bring skateboards on a plane?

When travelling to Australia and you plan to travel with your skateboard, you should pack your skateboard in a case or bag that is not only sturdy but also hard-sided. This will help protect your skateboard all through the flight.

More also, don’t forget to take off any lose items. This lose items can be the wheels or the trucks. When the wheels and trucks are removed they should be packed separately.

Can I take a skateboard as carry-on luggage?

Does your skateboard meet the Airlines requirements for carry-on? What’s the size and the weight. All this will determine if you can bring your skateboard as carry-on.

In almost all Airlines, skateboard are allowed in carry-on. So bringing your skateboard as carry-on is no big deal what you should be mindful is the weight and the size of your skateboard.

Note: after deciding on the Airline you are flying with, it is recommended you kindly check what their policy on carry-on as regards to skateboard is all about and what they are saying specifically on skateboard if any at all.

We understand that some Airline might have rules that has to do with size or weight that might be unique or different from other Airlines and also what type of skateboard that should be brought as carry-on.

Also remember that it is important for you to properly wrap your skateboard and this wrapping should be a protective wrapping capable of providing enough shield against damage throughout the flight.

How do you pack a skateboard on a plane?

To pack a skateboard when travelling with any airline to Australia, here is what you should do :

  • You should first Remove any loose parts from the skateboard, such as the wheels and trucks. This is very important.
  • Secondly, you should Place your skateboard deck in a hard-sided suitcase or skateboard bag just as we discussed before.
  • Are you making use of a suitcase? If yes then you should wrap your skateboard in bubble wrap or padding as this will help to protect your skateboard all through the flight.
  • If you’re using a skateboard bag, place the wheels and trucks in the pockets or compartments provided.
  • Lastly, when you are done, you should Close the suitcase or bag and you should ensure that it is securely fastened.

It is important for you to still check the weight and the size of your luggage because they have to meet the Airline requirements and also get an idea about the maximum weight and size restriction of the Airline you choose to fly with.

Which airlines allow skateboards?

Airlines that fly in and within Australia are many but what we are going to do is to list the major ones that are very popular. So they are:

  • Qantas
  • Virgin Australia
  • Air New Zealand
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Air Asia
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Japan Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • China Southern Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • United Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Air France
  • Lufthansa

Remember that the list above is not a comprehensive list of airlines that fly Australia rather this is just a few of them that we consider popular in. Most area.

Remember we advise you to do your self a favour to check each early listed above, check their requirements for skateboard.

List OF Items You Should Never Carry With You On A Plane

Before going fully into details here, there is a need understand what carry-on luggage and checked-in luggage are.

Carry-on luggage as their name suggests means hand luggage that can be allowed in the Cabin of a plane. And these are mostly kept in the overhead bin. Also, has a size and weight restrictions.

Checked-in luggage on the other hand, are luggage you’re not allowed to take into the cabin with you. They are normally stashed in the cargo area of a plane. And like the carry-on luggage has weigh and size restrictions. They may attract more charges at the airport.

Now that this is understood, it will be better to get a list of things you can pack in both types of luggage.

  • Items that can be packed in your carry-ons are common lighters, a book of matches. Electronics like phones, batteries, power-banks, mini laptops, and tablets. Other items include tweezers, razors, nail cutters, scissors (blades no longer than twelve cm from the pivot point). Liquids, gels, and aerosols (all must come in containers of 100 ml or less). Medications (prescription and over the counter). Baby foods and equipment, and also electronic cigarettes and vaping devices (they must be under 100 ml liquid).
  • Items to be kept in the check-in luggage are sharp objects like; big scissors and knives and other power tools. Self-defense weaponry like Nerf guns, mace, pepper spray, BB guns, paintball guns, and other firearms ammunition (must be securely packed in a briefcase). Wine and alcoholic beverages (must be under seventy percent) and other sporting or martial arts equipment.

Now , Items You Can Not Bring With You On A Plane

  • Flammables like paint, fuels (generally) and lighter fluids.
  • Chemicals: bleach, chlorine, fertilizers and spray paint.
  • Explosives and incendiaries: firecrackers, flares, and fireworks.
  • Alcoholic beverages over 70% are also not allowed.
  • Corrosives and poisons
  • Radioactive materials
  • Infective materials and oxidizers.