Can You Take Skateboard On A Plane In Australia?

Can You Take Skateboard On A Plane In Australia?see list of things you should never bring on board

Whenever you come across the word “Australia”. What must come right to mind is the smallest continent in the world. Also, you think about the driest inhabited continent in the world

with diverse fauna consisting of monotremes (like the echidna and platypus), and marsupials like the kangaroo, koala, wombat and also birds like Emu and kookaburra.

But do you know that’s not the least of weirdest thing about this Great Sovereign state. You may have to buckle your seat belt as I take you on this rollercoaster trip.Skateboard on plane to Australia

In this post, I will be sharing with you some strange facts about airline travel restrictions in Australia.

As with all countries across the world, Australia has her own airline traveling rules. And that rule laid down by the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport does not allow sporting goods or blunt objects, like a skateboard through the carry-on security checkpoint.

However, there are some gray areas to this, that I am hoping to do justice to with this post.

Can You Take A Skateboard On A Plane To Australia?

The straightforward answer to that is ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. Yes, because that boils down to luck and if its non electrical. And no, because It still very much depends on luck.

SKATTIES On Plane , How True ?

Planning on travelling with a skate to Australia? Hope is actually the last thing you should lose, because you can actually make your wildest dream come true. But to do so, there are certain things to keep in mind.

  • First off, know the airline carriers you are flying with and their size and weight limitations.

The major domestic airline carriers are (Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Tigerair) and each as their luggage allowance limits for their customers.

  • Another thing is you can have it on your carry-on baggage.

This actually rests on your luck and what other personal effects you have on you. Some travelers visiting Australia have come to learn this the hard way at the airport, when they are asked to check-in their skateboards by the officials at the check-in points.Australian skate board

This means extra cost on their travel budget. While some have had it the easy way, and have been able to carry their skateboard with them on their carry-on baggage, availing them the opportunity to stash their baggage in the overhead bin and watch their most prized possession closely.

To get this result means you must have your skateboard strapped to your carry-on baggage or otherwise have it collapse in order for it to fit into your bag.

Sometimes as well, it comes down to the person who have your possessions checked-in. While some airport officials will wave it off, some may have you check it in and make you pay additional money.

  • The best yet risky thing to do is to have it checked as a check-in luggage.

This may seem the wisest thing to do. But know that you stand the risk of losing your skateboard, or have it accidentally scratched or chipped off.

Plus, you’ll have to wait and claim it at the baggage claim when you actually reach your destination. And that is only when you’re lucky.

And when you’re actually on the wrong side of lucky, then get ready for the rigorous ordeal of lodging complains to your airlines carrier representatives.

This actually mean, you may have to wait for the next flight, or drop your address and phone number and have it deliver to your destination by your chosen airline.

List OF Items You Should Never Carry With You On A Plane

Before going fully into details here, there is a need understand what carry-on luggage and checked-in luggage are.

Carry-on luggage as their name suggests means hand luggage that can be allowed in the Cabin of a plane. And these are mostly kept in the overhead bin. Also, has a size and weight restrictions.

Checked-in luggage on the other hand, are luggage you’re not allowed to take into the cabin with you. They are normally stashed in the cargo area of a plane. And like the carry-on luggage has weigh and size restrictions. They may attract more charges at the airport.

Now that this is understood, it will be better to get a list of things you can pack in both types of luggage.

  • Items that can be packed in your carry-ons are common lighters, a book of matches. Electronics like phones, batteries, power-banks, mini laptops, and tablets. Other items include tweezers, razors, nail cutters, scissors (blades no longer than twelve cm from the pivot point). Liquids, gels, and aerosols (all must come in containers of 100 ml or less). Medications (prescription and over the counter). Baby foods and equipment, and also electronic cigarettes and vaping devices (they must be under 100 ml liquid).
  • Items to be kept in the check-in luggage are sharp objects like; big scissors and knives and other power tools. Self-defense weaponry like Nerf guns, mace, pepper spray, BB guns, paintball guns, and other firearms ammunition (must be securely packed in a briefcase). Wine and alcoholic beverages (must be under seventy percent) and other sporting or martial arts equipment.

Now , Items You Can Not Bring With You On A Plane

  • Flammables like paint, fuels (generally) and lighter fluids.
  • Chemicals: bleach, chlorine, fertilizers and spray paint.
  • Explosives and incendiaries: firecrackers, flares, and fireworks.
  • Alcoholic beverages over 70% are also not allowed.
  • Corrosives and poisons
  • Radioactive materials
  • Infective materials and oxidizers.


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