Is fishing the biggest sport in the UK?

Fishing is undoubtedly one of the biggest sport participation in UK but certainly it doesn’t top the list.

Football is one of the sport that top the list of the biggest sport participation in UK. This is not surprising because all that is needed to play football is just a ball and a flat surface making it less expensive.

Another reason why football seems dominant is because football has no age restrictions as the game can be played by people of all ages ; both young and old.

Additionally, players and participants don’t necessarily need to have additional skills before they can play football and there is no much needed safety rules to adhere to.

Another reason why football seems dominant and has a growing interest is because of the presence of top clubs and leagues and also a strong grassroots infrastructure which makes it easy for who are interested to fully participate.


Is fishing popular in England?

According to, about 105.6 thousand people in England participated in angling between November 2020 to November 2021

And being home to so many angling organizations and clubs we can say Yes, fishing is now becoming popular in England and the UK in general. Although there are different type of fishing being carried out in both fresh water and salt water bodies for different species of fish through out in England,the sport seems to be loved by millions and remains domainant.

Is fishing more popular than football in the UK?

Fishing is known to rival football as one of the biggest sports participation in UK. Take for instance in 2016, Yorkshirepost ranked fishing as the most popular spot in UK as over 1 million participated in the spot.

On the other hand, Football is also known to be one of the dominant sport in UK. Take for instance in 2020, the Global Sports 24/7 reported football as the most popular sport .

Right now It is actually difficult to pinpoint which is popular because there are several factors that should be considered before coming to a conclusion which amongst both sport are popular, factors such as location and demographic.

But on a national basis, Football is often times widely considered to be more popular than fishing, this is attributed to the huge followers it attract in and outside the UK.

How many people go fishing in the UK?

It was reported that There are approximately 2.2 million coarse anglers and also 0.8 million game anglers in the UK alone and each in this groups are big time spender, spending about £1,000 per annum on fishing alone.
No matter how it goes, on an average it has been estimated that around 3 million people fish in the UK each year and this sounds amazing and it goes a long way to show how huge this sport is and the love love most UK have for it.

How many fishing lakes are in the UK

With regards to fishing, where you fish is important, just as the equipment you use is.

Also, pulling in a major catch brings a good feeling, fishing in some serene rivers and lakes is essential too.

Prior to leaving home for a quality fishing trip, you should investigation into areas best suited for fishing. This is an important step you shouldn’t skip.

To get started, you can take a trip to some of the best locations in the United Kingdom for fishing. These lakes are idea for your maximum pleasure. Check them out below.

1. The Caerphilly Castle Lake

This lake is located in South Wales. For the perspectives alone, this fishing spot is worth it. Sure, you will desire to fish with stunning perspectives on a Norman castle.

Here, you have a progression of lakes, which some time ago, made up the channel encompassing the palace. You would find all sorts of fish here, they include eels, crucian carp, tench, perch, bream, roach carp, and many others.

At Caerphilly Castle, you would enjoy amazing fishing experience.

2. The Windermere Lake

The Windermere is located in Cumbria. This is the biggest natural lake you can ever find in England. This lake is a home to different varieties of fish – the large pile, perch, eels, and trouts.

A fisherman will have thrilling fishing experience catching an Arctic Charr here, the lake houses them in bulk. Every fishing enthusiast needs to vsist this beautiful location.

3. The Loch Leven Lake

The Loch Leven lake is located in Scotland.

Close to the Loch Leven Castle, this lake gives you the opportunity to catch wild earthy-colored trouts. It covers about 3,600 acres with shallow water occupying the area – this makes the Loch Leven an ideal location for fishing.

Trouts here grow fast and can be heavy. They are known for their strong fighting capacity. Be prepared for a little battle if you plan to catch them – skillful fishers won’t have much challenge with this.

You are not allowed to practice bank fishing at the Loch Leven lake. You can rent fisheries boat for only fly fishing.

4. The Horseshoe Lake

This fishing spot is located in Gloucester.

The name was given to this lake due to its horseshoe shape. The Horseshoe Lake is the fantasy spot for fishers who love carps. You are virtually guaranteed to have a big catch here if this is what you have been searching for.

The Lake traverses about 62 arces of land. It keeps drawing in many fishermen (especially anglers) every year. Likewise, the Horseshoe Lake has these fish in bulk – rudd, tench, bream, roach, perch, and pike. A stunning fishing experience is all you will get from a trip to this lake.

5. The Anglers Paradise

Anglers Paradise is located in Devon.

This lake is definitely a paradise as you get lost in excitement from its multiple magnificent lakes – yes, they are up to 30. You got a lot to choose from!

The lake was designed to fit vacation spot, especially for lovers of fishing. There are also day tickets at the Anglers Paradise lake estate, where you can have all the fun fishing in any of the lakes.

As much as fishing is fun as a sport and for recreation purpose, it is also very popular in UK. However it is not the biggest sport in the United Kingdom. Fishers can have great fishing experiences by picking amazing locations.