Can You Walk Into a Hotel and Use the Pool and Is It Illegal?

It’s illegal to sneak into a hotel pool.

It depends on the specific laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where the hotel is located.

But In some most places around the globe, it could be seen as breaking or trespassing and all this are all illegal activities that the law frowns at.

Additionally, it is best you read the policies and guidelines because we understand that most hotels have policies about pool access and who is eligible or not eligible to access it such facility. And when someone violates this policies the management might either call in the police or ask the offender to leave or even pay for the services.


Can You Walk Into a Hotel and Use the Pool?

Walking into the hotel and making use of the hotel swimming pool depends on the hotel’s management and their policies on ground, so it is best you check, read their policies, by so doing you will be sure you are not breaking any laid down rules .

But generally, before you make use of a swimming pool or any facility inside a hotel, you first need to either be an in-house guest or you obtain a clearance or a permission by getting a day passes which gives you the right to make use of the facility.

Otherwise it could be theft of service and you could be accosted by the security department as they would want to know who they are dealing with.

If you just walk into the hotel and make use of the facilities without obtaining any authorisation to do so or having any keycard access, then it could be considered a theft of service and you could be charged for trespassing.

Ideally, Swimming pool in hotels are meant for those who paid for it or guests. Hotel management won’t make the hotel’s swimming pool open to the general public who will just walk in, without proper identification to make use of facilities because such act might pose security threat to those who are in house guest .

Some hotels accommodate members of their community to use some of their facilities, including the pool.

Hotels with that provision also require some kind of registration or identification from people intending to use their facilities.

However, hotels are established to make generate revenue and revenue generated from facility such as swimming pools are use to maintain state of the art facilities.

Can hotel guests invite friends to the pool?

It’s no bad idea inviting your friends and family to the pool even when you are only a guest, some hotels allow this practice while some might have policy that is against such practice.

Although it is best you check on the hotel’s policy because we are aware of hotels that won’t allow guests bring in visitors who are not in house guests in to the pool as they tend to restrict access to the pool unless you are an in house guest and you pay for such service.

What Happens if You Get Caught Sneaking in a Pool?

Sneaking into a pool when you are not a guest or when you do not have authorisation to do so, is illegal because such act is considered a theft of service and you can be charged, fined for this act.

So it is best you get clearance or better read and understand the policy to find out if they actually allow anyone make use of their pool.

“Keep Out” warning sign showing violators could be prosecuted.

Do Hotels Let You Pay to Use Their Pool?

Lodging in a hotel may be expensive for you. But getting a day pass lets you enjoy amenities in the hotel even though you’re not lodged. You can access the spa, the gym, the pool, and any other facility you desire, based on the hotel’s policy.

So Yes,most hotels will allow you pay to use their pool.

some hotels actually have or run such service whereby non guests are allowed to make use of the pool after paying some necessary fees.

Hotels that run this services actually uses this means to raise more money necessarily needed to keep the hotel running and functional.

When You Check Out of a Hotel, Can You Still Use Their Pool?

Everything depends on the policy of the hotel but ideally it is only when you check in that you are allowed to make use of the facilities;

like swimming pool within the hotel and when you check out such services are withdrawn because your contract with the hotel has expired . Additionally some hotels might still allow you to make use of the pool on the day of departure.

If you’ve checked out of a hotel, it means you no longer have a contract with them. The hotel no longer provides you any service, and you’re no longer paying them for anything.

Understand that using a hotel’s pool is like the hotel providing a service to you, and you should pay for the service.

Those lifeguards ensuring your safety while at the pool is an example of the service the hotel provides for people using their pool.

When you check out, you shouldn’t continue using the hotel’s pool. When you’re not paying for a service, don’t expect to receive that service.

Some hotels also use their room keys as a pass into their pool. If you’re checking out, you’d normally submit your room’s key. That means you have no means of accessing their pool.

Can You Use Resort Pool Before Checking In?

If you’re already certain you’d be checking into the resort, why try to rush with the pool? Chill till you’ve settled in, and you can spend all the time you want chilling in the pool.

In a resort that your key to access their pool, for instance, you don’t get the key till you’ve checked in. It means you can’t have access to the resort pool until you’ve checked into your room.

In summary, it’s illegal to sneak into a hotel’s pool. If you do, it may land you in trouble. Lodging, or using a day pass will give to full access to the pool, and you should take advantage of either.


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