Can You Walk Into a Hotel and Use the Pool and Is It Illegal?

Have any of your friends explained to you the fun they had sneaking into a hotel pool? And how cautious they were not to get caught. And even how they met that nice person in the pool? You probably want to try it out yourself.

Maybe you just want to trade on the side of caution. Or do you want to know how much trouble you’d be putting yourself in if you get caught? Let me make the answer a simple one for you.

It’s illegal to sneak into a hotel pool.

You could be getting yourself into more trouble than you know. The hotel can charge you for trespassing their property.

I’ll show you why you shouldn’t sneak into a hotel’s pool in this article. Keep reading.

Can You Walk Into a Hotel and Use the Pool?

Let’s say you have a swimming pool on your private property. Would you be happy if a stranger just walks in to use the pool without your permission?

The swimming pool in the hotel is designed for the paying guests in the hotel. If you’re not staying in the hotel, it’s unfair to simply walk in and occupy an area meant for those lodging in the hotel.

However, “you can walk into a hotel and use their pool” even if you’re not lodging there. Some hotels accommodate members of their community to use some of their facilities, including the pool.

Hotels with that provision also require some kind of registration or identification from people intending to use their facilities.

Being registered to use those facilities will normally require payments. And when you’re registered, it becomes easy for the hotel to identify you.

What have I said so far?

  • Don’t just walk into a hotel and use their pool. It’s meant for paying guests in the hotel, and not “strangers.”
  • If you’re so kin about making use of their pool, you could pay and lodge in the hotel even just for a night. You’ll have access to the facilities available to those lodging.
  • Ask about the hotel’s policy if you don’t want to lodge, and ensure people who are not lodged can access their facilities.
  • Take the necessary steps required for those not lodging to gain access to the hotel’s facility you want, if the management makes such provisions.

You can gain access to the hotel’s pool while keeping yourself “police troubles.”

What Happens if You Get Caught Sneaking in a Pool?

Maybe your friends already bragged about how long they’ve been getting into a hotel pool for free. Or you’ve read from different sites about how it’s easy sneaking in and out unnoticed.

I’d still say you shouldn’t sneak into any hotel’s pool. The stories you’ve read and heard about, probably all succeeded. Chances are you’ve also succeeded a few times, that’s however not a guarantee you’d not get caught on the next attempt.

What happens when you get caught? Let’s start with the embarrassment you’d face. Everyone around at the time gets to know you had no business being there and were trying to steal from services you didn’t pay for.

But let’s assume the humiliation isn’t something you want to get bothered about. Here’s something that should make you not attempt sneaking into any hotel’s pool. The hotel management may decide to call in the police, and you may be facing various charges.

What have I said so far?

  • Don’t sneak into a hotel’s pool.
  • The success stories you’ve probably read or heard about shouldn’t make you want to attempt.
  • Even if you’ve been successful in your previous attempts, you could still get caught.
  • When you’re caught, the first thing you’d be facing is humiliation and shame for yourself. It’ll not be a pleasant experience.
  • In addition to the humiliation, the hotel management might be calling the cops on you.

Paying the penalties for actions you could have avoided isn’t something you should want to deal with.

“Keep Out” warning sign showing violators could be prosecuted.

Do Hotels Let You Pay to Use Their Pool?

Yes, hotels can let you have a day pass. However, you have to confirm with the management of the hotel you’d love to chill in their pool if they have such options.

Lodging in a hotel may be expensive for you. But getting a day pass lets you enjoy amenities in the hotel even though you’re not lodged. You can access the spa, the gym, the pool, and any other facility you desire, based on the hotel’s policy.

Options could be available for you if you want to take the day pass. You could register with the hotel or simply pay for the day you intend to use the pool. The hotel’s policy would determine the choice you can make.

For hotels with a membership option, you can have membership for a year, six months, three months, or even a month. A search on the internet could help you find out what’s available in the hotel you have in mind, and how you can take advantage.

What have I said so far?

  • Hotels would let you pay to use their pool, even when you’re not lodging there. But you should find out if the hotel you have in mind has such policies.
  • Paying to use a hotel’s pool could be your cheaper alternative. That’s if you were going to lodge, just because you want to use their pool.
  • You could even gain access to other facilities in the hotel by simply using a day pass.
  • Some hotels also offer registered membership. A membership gives you easier access to facilities in the hotel, even when you’re not lodging.

If you can take advantage of the day pass, you don’t have to go sneaking in.

People checking in and out of a hotel.

When You Check Out of a Hotel, Can You Still Use Their Pool?

If you’ve checked out of a hotel, it means you no longer have a contract with them. The hotel no longer provides you any service, and you’re no longer paying them for anything.

Understand that using a hotel’s pool is like the hotel providing a service to you, and you should pay for the service.

Those lifeguards ensuring your safety while at the pool is an example of the service the hotel provides for people using their pool.

When you check out, you shouldn’t continue using the hotel’s pool. When you’re not paying for a service, don’t expect to receive that service.

Some hotels also use their room keys as a pass into their pool. If you’re checking out, you’d normally submit your room’s key. That means you have no means of accessing their pool.

What have I said so far?

  • When you check out of a hotel, you shouldn’t continue using their pool.
  • A hotel’s pool is like a service provided to you by the hotel. When you check out of the hotel, room service can no longer attend to you. It’s the same with the pool.
  • For a hotel that makes use of your room key as access to their pool, you also lose that access once you’ve checked out and submitted your room’s key.

Before checking out of a hotel, be sure to enjoy the pool to your fill. But do that within the regulations of the hotel.

Can You Use Resort Pool Before Checking In?

If you’re already certain you’d be checking into the resort, why try to rush with the pool? Chill till you’ve settled in, and you can spend all the time you want chilling in the pool.

In a resort that your key to access their pool, for instance, you don’t get the key till you’ve checked in. It means you can’t have access to the resort pool until you’ve checked into your room.

In summary, it’s illegal to sneak into a hotel’s pool. If you do, it may land you in trouble. Lodging, or using a day pass will give to full access to the pool, and you should take advantage of either.


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