Is Volleyball Harder Than Soccer? Is it A Stressful sport?

Volleyball And Soccer

Soccer is no doubt the most-watched sport in the world, thanks to its fame, intriguing and controversial moments.

There are rooms for surprises as underdogs have great chances of defeating big team, which make the game more interesting and unpredictable.

Meanwhile, football isn’t the only crowd-pulling sport. Volleyball also commands a high number of spectators throughout the world.

The fact that both sports are widely accepted across the globe makes most people wonder which is better. Some say soccer is better while others choose volleyball.

Others even ask if volleyball is harder than soccer, or whether footballers are richer than volleyball players.

These are questions begging for answers; so, we have decided to answer all the frequently asked questions about soccer and volleyball.Is Volleyball Harder Than Soccer?


Is Volleyball Harder Than Soccer?

Volleyball and soccer are two sports with different skills and tactics. The former is played with hands while the latter requires strong and healthy feet.

Though both games consist of a leather ball, volleyball is easier than soccer due to reasons listed below:

1. Soccer requires more strength and endurance:

Soccer isn’t just about being skillful; you need laudable physical strength and stamina. While most soccer matches last for 90 minutes, some could reach 120 minutes before winners emerge via penalty shootout.

As for volleyball, most games last for 60 minutes because winners could emerge within three sets. A tough and competitive fixture might last for 90 minutes. However, you should know that volleyball sets aren’t limited to a particular time frame.

Modern-day soccer requires pace and endurance which can be physically demanding. It is a game of regular contact, unlike volleyball in which you only touch the ball.

2. soccerSkills are more intense than volleyball skills:

The basic soccer skills are dribbling, passing, shielding, tackling, trapping, shooting and goalkeeping, speed, and agility. They aren’t easy to develop because it takes quality time and high concentration to master them.

On the other hand, volleyball basic skills are not much, and they are relatively easy to know. The basic volleyball skills are serving, passing, setting, blocking, digging, and hitting.

As much as volleyball techniques also require utmost determination and focus, they aren’t as intense as soccer. If you can’t endure long runs, sprints, jumps, and you can’t maneuver around the field with explosives power, then soccer is not for you.

Is Volleyball A Tough or Hard Sport?

Every game can be tough and easy at the same time; it depends on your approach and dedication. That being said, is volleyball a hard game? Yes, it can be very tough if you are new to the game. As a newbie, understanding the rules of the game can be daunting and hard.

Learning and executing the above techniques is equally another task that could make you feel uncomfortable with the game. Luckily, learning the skills and rules isn’t impossible if you stay focused and you keep learning.

Once you get familiar with the basics volleyball becomes an easy and fun-filled game to play, whether at the friendly or competitive stages. However, more challenges await you should you desire to become a professional volleyball player.

Is Volleyball A Stressful Sport?

If you have played volleyball before going to college, you would be familiar with the drills. As stated earlier, the higher the level you play, the more challenging it becomes.

Top-level performance demands high physical and psychological strength, which can be stressful and demanding.

In a nutshell, professional volleyball is stressful, especially when you battle technically sound and highly experienced opponents.

Does Volleyball Get You Thick?

One of volleyball’s benefits is that it increases your body shape, muscle, and strength. It is a complete workout combined with cardiovascular exercise.

Running to and fro in the beach (outdoor) volleyball, and reacting swiftly to directional changes are very beneficial to all your leg muscles.

Aiming and hitting the ball equals performing a squat. In the same vein, the power needed to hit the ball strongly is derived from your legs, which is why most volleyball players have strong legs.

For a setting to be accurate and productive, you must draw strength from your arms, legs, core, and thighs to hit the ball. Hence, volleyball is an ideal option if you want stronger muscles.

Does Volleyball Make You Skinny?

All indoor and outdoor sporting activities, including volleyball, have great impacts on the body. Volleyball is an amazing calorie-burning sport as it deals with the movement of all body parts.

Study shows that a person can burn close to 385 calories in a competitive volleyball game, while a friendly game will help eliminate at least 90 calories depending on the weight of the person.

It can also help to maintain an accurate ratio between muscle and fat mass.

Is Soccer More Dangerous Than Volleyball?

Every sport can have its good and ugly side. You are liable to pick up injuries at some point in your socceror volleyball career.

Football players are exposed to opponents’ malicious and dangerous tackles that might lead to a lengthy spell in the rehabilitation room.

For instance, Villarreal midfielder Santi Cazorla suffered an ankle injury that ruled him out for over 600 days during his time at Arsenal.

Having said that, the list of football injuries includes ankle sprain, knee sprain, calf strains, clavicle fracture, foot fracture, kneecap bursitis, wrist and hand injuries, cruciate ligament damage, Quad, hamstring, groin strains, and concussion.

Meanwhile, injuries in volleyball are Rotator cuff Tendinitis, finger injuries, ankle sprains, patellar tendinitis, low back pain, and anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Without taking anything away from volleyball, it’s safe to say that soccer appears to be more dangerous because players are prone to more contact than volleyball.

Nonetheless, some volleyball injuries can be so intense that they have what it takes to cost you your career.

Why Is Volleyball Hard To Learn And How Hard Is The Game?

No sport is impossible or too hard to learn. It all depends on your mindset and commitment. Volleyball is not hard to learn, all you need is constant practice and the will to succeed.

The game challenges not only your mental strength but also your stamina, flexibility, ability, physical strength, speed, team play, etc.

Volleyball is a team game; hence, you must rely on your teammates to get desired results. You be a good and fast thinker who is focused enough to lead the team to victory.

Does Volleyball Make You Taller?

Though no specific sport increases the height, volleyball players benefit from jumping and stretching.

Let’s just say that volleyball helps to develop healthy joints and muscles which will eventually leads to massive growth and increased height.

Is Volleyball an Expensive Sport?

Volleyball is considered one of the most expensive sports across the world. Funds are generated from the tournament’s entry fees and commercial deals to cover all expenses such as players and managers’ wages.


If you are interested in any of the sports discussed, ensure you are physically and psychologically fit.

Regular practice is compulsory if you must be listed among the best in the nearest future. Avoid distractions of all forms and stay committed to your dream.

As we wrap up today’s post, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and comments with us because look forward to reading what you think about volleyball and soccer. Until then, stay healthy and stay safe.