Who has the highest IQ, Trump, Biden, Obama, or Clinton?

Here is a must-read write-up for everyone wanting to know the president with the highest IQ between Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

In this article, we shall be disclosing everything you should know about their IQ score, mental capacity, and the US president with the highest IQ in history. We have so much to discuss so let’s dive into action right away.Trump, Biden, Obama, or Clinton?

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What is Joe Biden’s IQ

Joe Biden hasn’t participated in any IQ test exam in the past therefore it is a bit difficult to know his specific IQ score.

Media outlets have different predictions and opinions about the US president’s IQ as there is no official documents or statements are revealing his specific IQ. However, we made our research and discovered helpful information which influence our final prediction.

We found out that Biden lied about his grade in school. We equally find out that he wasn’t among the best 60 students in his department, meaning the current US president wasn’t brilliant during his school days.

Considering the above details and other information available to us, we concluded that Joe Biden’s IQ isn’t high but not too low. Being a president of a highly-rated country like America means Biden’s IQ shouldn’t be lower than 100 which means he is a bit intelligent.

Has Joe Biden Ever Taken An IQ Test

No, Joe Biden hasn’t taken any IQ test whatsoever. While speaking with a CBS news correspondent (Errol Barnett) in 2019, he strongly debunked rumors linking him with IQ test results.

According to his response, there is no reason to take unnecessary cognitive tests that won’t benefit the public.

How intelligent is Joe Biden

Joe Biden isn’t the cleverest president or individual you will come across, but he is far from being a dullard. The Gallup Stats shares the same opinion when it suggested that the US president is 59% intelligent.

In one of its surveys, only 37% of people in the United States believe the president has the leadership skills and diplomatic approach required to take the country to a new level of development.

In summary, Biden is not too intelligent or too daft. He is somewhere in the middle with a 59% brilliant rating.

What is Obama’s IQ?

On 12 December 2015, Empire News published an article claiming that President Obama had the lowest score of any U.S. President with less than 100 IQ test scores but that appears to be a baseless and false publication.

According to a well-respected site, the former American president hasn’t sat for an IQ test whatsoever. Surprisingly, Obama wasn’t included in the University of California Chart for the US presidents’ possible IQ scores. It is believed that he was omitted due to insufficient database.

Therefore, no one can specifically tell you Obama’s IQ. We can only predict his possible score if he eventually participates in a cognitive test. Considering his academic performance, laudable communication, and his public speaking abilities, we guess Obama’s IQ should be in the 130 — 140 category.

Has Obama Ever Taken An IQ Test

No. like Biden, there is no official reports, statement, or documents with Obama’s IQ score. The former US president never discussed matters related to any cognitive test throughout his reign at the helms of affairs; therefore, it is safe to say that Obama has never taken an IQ test.

How Intelligent Is Obama?

Obama is very intelligent. His academic achievements, outspokenness, smart responses to interviews, and impressive decision-making ability all point to the fact that he is a smart person.

Obama obtained his Poly sci degree at Columbia; he was admitted into the Harvard Law School on merit before becoming the President of the Harvard Law Review. He wrapped it all up by graduating Magna Cum Laude.

According to Prof. Lawrence Tribe, Obama was the most brilliant student he ever taught in the university. This further buttress the fact that the former US president boats a high intellectual capacity.

Despite his obvious smartness, he remains humble and level-headed which is another quality of a smart and disciplined man.

How Intelligent Is Clinton?

Bill Clinton is a brilliant and highly intelligent individual with an estimated 160 IQ score. He is regarded as one of the top five most intelligent US presidents in history despite his obvious shortcomings as president.

Well, it’s no surprise that bill Clinton boasts the fifth-highest IQ of all the presidents in United States history. He was a graduate of a highly-regarded Ivy League school, learned how to operate a huge Mainframe computer by reading its manuals, and was able to develop a game without any guardian’s help or assistance.

He intelligently improved the US economy during his time at the white house. The economy thrived throughout his tenure; there were massive job opportunities, money circulation, and a peaceful atmosphere.

He expectedly gained Americans’ love and affection as they were happy with the country’s financial status throughout his tenure.

Has Clinton Ever Taken An IQ Test

Again, there are no official statements or reports; no video or footage showing Clinton taking or sitting for an IQ test. So, we can say the 42nd US president hasn’t sat for any IQ or cognitive test.

What is Trump’s IQ?

Trump is arguably one of the most outspoken US presidents in the United States’ history. He always talked about his IQ during his reign at the helm of affairs.

It is believed that Donald Trump’s IQ is well over 150. According to a study conducted by the University of California in 2006, Donald Trump’s estimated IQ is 156. The team of researchers considered Trump’s academic performance, occupation, academic honors, and grade in entrance examinations to arrive at their conclusion.

Has Trump Ever Taken An IQ Test

A newspaper once claimed that trump scored 73 on his first IQ test. However, the report turned out to be false and untrue. Writers from Snopes opined that the speculated 73 IQ score was nothing to trust as it lacks genuine proof.

The media outlet went on to disclose that trump hasn’t taken any IQ test known to the public. So, it is safe to say that Donald Trump hasn’t taken any IQ tests. His well-publicized estimated IQ score only emanated from the University of California’s research and estimation.

Who would win or score higher in an IQ test between Bill Clinton, George Bush, or Barack Obama?

Well, we wouldn’t know unless the three ex-presidents compete with themselves. However, judging by their estimated IQ score by the University of California via US NEWS, Bill Clinton has the brightest chance of winning the contest.

Clinton has an estimated 148.8 IQ, thereby becoming one of the most brilliant presidents in US history.

Barack Obama, though wasn’t included in the US NEWS IQ chart, is tipped to end up in the second position.

Obama is said to be a very brilliant president considering his smartness, academic honors, and achievements in office. With an estimated 130 — 140 IQ, Obama will come out with better results than George Bush.

No disrespect to George Bush, we think he will occupy the last position if IQ score is the only determining factor. Bush’s IQ score is 124.87 and he occupied the 39th out of 42 positions. He was slightly better than Monroe, Grant, and Harding.

What US President Had The Highest IQ

John Quincy Adams has the highest IQ score if the University of California’s IQ estimation is anything to trust.

Adams who was the US president from 1825 to 1829 possesses a 168 IQ score to maintain a spot at the summit of the chart.